A Key Moment In Solving This Problem

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(I am the customer in this story. I’ve had my car shipped across the country to me, but the transport truck can’t get close enough to my house, so I meet them in a nearby parking lot. It is a fair distance, and not wanting to leave my or my husband’s car in the lot, I take an Uber. After making sure the car is still in one piece, I receive the keys, and the two drivers go off to get coffee. I quickly find I cannot turn my car on! I try for nearly half an hour. I am almost in tears, thinking I’ll have to call for a tow. By that time, the two drivers come back.)

Driver #1: “Is everything okay, ma’am? We thought you’d be long gone.”

Me: “I can’t turn the car on! The ignition won’t even turn.”

Driver #1: “Mind if I take a look?”

(I hand him the keys and he looks puzzled.)

Driver #1: “Um… These are the wrong keys.”

Me: *frustrated and slightly angry* “What do you mean, the wrong keys? Did you give me the wrong set?”

Driver #1: “No, ma’am. You’re our last delivery. Those are the only keys we had.”

Driver #2: “We had to have had the right keys in order to get the car off the truck. We gave you the right keys, but these ain’t them.”

(I then looked closer and realized I had been using my husband’s car keys! The drivers had a good laugh as I shamefully turned my car on with the right set.)

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