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11 Truck Drivers Who Are Keeping The World Running

| Right | May 12, 2020

Dear readers,

In our continuing effort to recognize those who keep the world running even as large parts of it shut down, (we’ve covered grocery store workers, healthcare workers, and postal workers!) we turn our attention to truck drivers. They provide essential services to make sure your grocery store is stocked with fresh produce, your pharmacies have medicines, and your hospitals have medical equipment. They are the reason so many of our lives are as comfortable and convenient as they are, and they don’t stop even when the rest of us have to.

We’ve compiled eleven stories from our archives of times when someone behind the wheel of several tons of moving vehicle deserved our respect.

So Trucking Nice – They’ll get you where you need to be, because they always know how to get to where they need to be.

A Key Moment In Solving This Problem – Wrong key, right driver!

The Death Of That Sale – We forget that trucking is a very dangerous job, and this woman in particular needs to be reminded of that!

Honk Twice For Bird Barrage – If you’re driving thousands of miles, you develop a dark sense of humor.

Blinker And You’ll Miss It – When truck drivers obey the law, it can be an annoying reminder to those who don’t.

Just Reading This Is Tire-ing – There’s no helping some people, no matter how far you drive.

There Are 20,000 Problems With This Order – When you have tons of potential disaster behind the wheel, you don’t take any risks!

Wait An Extra Hour For The Bigotry Bus – Technically not a truck driver, but a driver we still want to celebrate!

You Just Got Ownered – This story gets towed to a completely different place!

A Serious Error In Judgment – We think it’s amazing that an item ordered from the other side of the country gets to our front door sadly, not everyone is quite as impressed.

Trained To Take Trains From High-Vis Staff – Truck drivers have to know where they’re going, even when they’re not driving!

We hope you enjoyed this roundup. Please let us know in the comments! If have your own story to share, submit it here!

Stay safe, everyone!

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