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10 More Stories About Wine, And The Customers Who Shouldn’t Be Drinking It

| Right | May 26, 2021

Dear readers,

Yesterday was National Wine Day in the USA! There are many kinds of wine drinkers in the world. There are those who use wine to celebrate special or romantic occasions. There are the “wine moms” who use wine to cope with the strain of wrangling children. Then there are the wine snobs who can tell you everything about a bottle of wine from one whiff – from the variety of grapes used to the color shirt the vintner was wearing when they stomped on the grapes.

Last year, we rounded up 23 stories about people who shouldn’t be allowed to drink wine. Whatever kind of wine drinker you are, or if you’re not one at all (totally valid!), we hope you enjoy this roundup of 10 more weird winos we’ve found!


This Is Why You Drink – Does it have alcohol in it? Then I’m in!

Their Wine Knowledge Is Not Grape – Just don’t tell her about berry wines.

As Simple As Black And White – Sounds like this waitress is having a really long day.

Some People Drive You To Drink – Oh, sure. That’ll stop people from drinking.

Don’t Do The Crime If You Can’t Tell The Time – Why do people always insist on leaving these things to the last possible second?!

When Pinot Means No – Hits from the comments: “I think you may have already ‘tasted’ enough for today.”

Makes You Want To Hit The Bottle – Honestly, a bottle of wine with a straw sounds heavenly after reading some of these stories.

Hopefully, Wine Isn’t The Reason She Has Them To Begin With – Hits from the comments: “Children may not be an acceptable form of ID for buying alcohol, but they are an acceptable reason for drinking it.”

Nothing Comes Between Dad And His Wine – You’ll run into some real (party) animals in the great outdoors.

Catching A Winer In The Act – Oh, stick a cork in it, jerkbag.


We hope you enjoyed this Wine-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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