As Simple As Black And White

| Working | May 15, 2014

Mum: “Could we have a bottle of the house white wine, please?”

Waitress: “Certainly.”

(The waitress walks away and comes back a couple of minutes later with a darkly coloured bottle. She starts pouring wine into my mum’s glass but the wine is red.)

Mum: “Oh, I’m sorry. It was the house white wine that I ordered.”

Waitress: “Oh, of course. I’m terribly sorry. I won’t be a moment.”

(The waitress walks away again and returns a couple of minutes later with another bottle. She starts pouring this, but once again it is red wine.)

Mum: “I’m sorry. It was white wine that I ordered. The house white?”

Waitress: “Oh, yes, of course. I am sorry. Just one moment.”

(The waitress walks away, coming back a few minutes later with another bottle of wine. She pours this bottle, but it’s rose.)

Mum: *giving up* “That’s… better?”

(The entire table looked at each other, waited for the waitress to leave, and burst into laughter.)

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