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15 Hilarious Stories About Customers Demanding The Impossible

| Right | June 28, 2020

Dear readers,

There are many customers on this site who are demanding, hilariously entitled, and generally just terrible people. And then you get those who ask for the impossible, those special cases who don’t know how the world works, but won’t let that get in the way of the customer being right!

We’ve dusted off fifteen stories from our archives that show it’s not impossible, to demand the impossible.


Hard Sell, Soft Drinks – Packaging may say differently, but this doesn’t exist…

Ink-conceivable – You’ll find this item in the ‘impossible products’ aisle next to the striped paint and the fat-free chocolate.

Definitely Not To Be – When what they’re actually looking for is a time machine.

Wireless, Clueless & Hopeless, Part 2 – When the moron is looking for an oxymoron.

Sometimes The Customer Is Right About Being Wrong – This bank deals in loans, mortgages, and invasions of the Far East.

Online Store, Meet Offline Brain – We’re pretty sure what she wants is only possible in Star Trek.

Pass(word) The Buck – With people like this, we bet their password is ‘password.’

Not So Beautiful Mind – Imagine being so entitled that you’re borderline delusional…

Extremely Last Minute Shopping – Could you have the item sent to the plane I am currently on? Thanks!

Losing Track Of Your Mind – When you want Big Brother to be watching you.

TV On Demanding – When there has never been a bigger need for them to get Netflix.

It Depends On The Size Of Your Tubes – They’d like one Internets, please!

Unable To See The Global Picture – When entitlement meets selfishness, brushing up against a brick wall of ignorance…

The Sound Of Silence – Sometimes it helps to just do what they ask, and then sit back and watch…

No Charge For This Call – When not-so-smart people have smartphones.


Not Always Right has over 70,000 published funny true stories, and this is just a tiny sample! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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