Try Not To Read Too Much Into It

| Winchester, UK | Right | August 3, 2010

(A six or seven year old boy comes into the children’s bookstore, his mother trailing behind him.)

Mother: “Go on then! Ask! She won’t know what you’re talking about and then you can stop wasting my time!”

Boy: “Hello!”

Me: “Hello.”

Boy: “I want a book.”

Me: “Well you’re in the right place.”

Boy: “It’s about a boy. Who lives with a caveman. He’s got a funny name beginning with ‘S’.”

Mother: “There. Now you know there’s no such book.”

Me: “That wouldn’t be ‘Stig of the Dump’ would it?”

Boy: *jumping up and down* “Yes yes yes! I told you mummy!”

Mother: “Don’t contradict me in front of my son!” *starts walking her son out of the shop and still talking to me* “You read too many books!”

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  • Denton Young

    Mom should be grateful, now she knows what to get her son for a present on the next occasion that comes up.

    • nordic

      doubt it, what with the “too many books” comment.

      • Denton Young

        If she’s enough of a [female dog] not to buy her son something really good that he really wants, she should turn the kid over to Dad.

  • Aaron

    Never heard of that book. Any good?

    • Kikari

      No idea. I was going to guess “A is for Aaaargh!!”, which is exceedingly amusing, though (I just checked) the main character’s name does not in fact begin with S.

  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    “And you, lady, obviously don’t read nearly enough books.”