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23 Stories Of Truly Terrible Parent Customers

| Right | July 29, 2020

Dear readers,

Bad customers are such an everyday occurrence on this site that we thought we’d take things up a notch, to bad parent customers! Not only are they still entitled and terrible human beings, but they have their mini-me’s in tow, adding to, or sometimes the cause of, the chaos.

To help all those readers out there who need some solidarity with their fellow long-suffering customer service staff, we have braved the daycare of our archives to bring you 23 horrible examples of parenting, as witnessed by the staff.


Bad Parenting Is A Sticky-Fingered Subject – Thanks for ensuring we never get anything but plain fro-yo ever again.

A Stone’s Throw Away From Good Behavior – Those who stay in their houses should make sure their kids don’t throw stones… or something like that.

Childhood Innocence, Adulthood Nonsense – This mom is being a real boob.

Social Faux Pa Pa – With a dad like this, the adult magazines are probably the least of this kid’s problems.

Ah, Mothers, Part 7 – The kid only has to behave if there’s money in it for Mom.

Her Phone’s Not Much To Look At – Or you could, you know, teach your kid to follow the rules.

Ah, Mothers, Part 6 – Gosh, how could this plan possibly backfire?

Count-er Productive – Kids count, if you remember to tell someone about them.

Try Not To Read Too Much Into It – You know, most parents want their kids to read.

Do As I Say, Not As I Play – But did the game give him his tickets? We’re dying to know.

Sick Of Waiting – Parents like this are just plain sickening.

Much Ado About Nothing (Inside) – Does a game being opened make it unplayable? We don’t love our kids enough to know.

Not Quite Out Of The Mouth Of Babes – For the love of God, please find this kid a bathroom!

When Facts Are Not Immediately A-Parent – Why do so many parents think it’s not their job to… parent?

Of Breath Smoke And Breast Strokes – The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: exhibit A.

Cereal Alcoholic – You can’t have all that sugar! How about some sugar, instead?

I Can Be Anything I Want – We can’t imagine why those stores won’t sell what she’s looking for.

Taking Stupidity To New Heights – When your parents don’t care, the world is your playground!

Would You Like To Super-Size That Band-Aid? – First aid can wait; Mama’s hungry!

Diaper Baby Buffet Dumpers – You’d think this is something that wouldn’t have to be said, but here we are.

Do As I Do, Not As I Say – And people wonder why their kids are rude.

They Grow Up (And Get Incarcerated) So Fast… – We want to know, but we’re afraid to ask.

Rated ‘R’ For Reality – Even the Bronx won’t prepare kids for Doctor Manhattan…


We hope you enjoyed this tragic collection of stories and hope you haven’t lost all hope for the next generation. Know any stories we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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