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Threatening Presence Rolled A One

, , , , , , | Working | March 2, 2018

(I’m instant-messaging a coworker friend that I need to bug someone about completing a training. It should be noted that my coworker is intimidating at 6′ 8″. I am a rather reserved, very friendly, 5′ 7″ female. My coworker is also the Dungeon Master in our D&D game.)

Me: “…or you could. Because you’re so much more intimidating than me. You’ve got that towering thing going on. I’m not that tall.”

Coworker: “This is true. You do have all the threatening presence of a timid butterfly stuck in honey.”

Me: “I am seriously dying right now, because that is so true.”

Coworker: “Which is what makes your intimidation checks in game so awesome; it’s totally out of character for you.”

Me: “I know. It’s fun. Thank you. You just made my day.”