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(I am at a popular sandwich shop chain in an airport before my flight. Customers walk up to the counter, place their order, and while employees make their sandwich, customers wait in line to pay. It is very busy, and employees are trying to speed things along by letting cash customers pay before actually getting to the register. I am fourth in line, with a young couple in front of me. I have just ordered.)

Employee 1: (not on register) “Your total is $17. If you’re paying with cash, I can go ahead and get your payment.”

(I hand the employee a $20 bill)

Employee 1: “Your change is $3, just a moment.”

(Employee 1 hands the $20 to the employee working the register without explanation, who is swamped. Employee 1 has disappeared to the back. By this time, I have received my order and only the couple is ahead of me in line.)

Employee 2: (Waves $20 in the air) “What is this? Who is this for?”

Me: “That’s mine, I had a number 4 and a bottle of water, I just need $3 change.”

Male Customer: (to me) “Is that really necessary?”

Me: (confused) “Excuse me?”

Male Customer: “You have no right to cut us like that.”

(I think perhaps I made a mistake, maybe that wasn’t my twenty the employee had, and this man had also given her a twenty.)

Me: “Oh, sorry, was that your twenty?”

Customer’s girlfriend: (Looking embarrassed) “Oh don’t mind him.”

Me: “Oh you were just joking with me, sorry I didn’t realize that was sarcasm.”

Male customer: “No, that was extremely rude of you, are you really in that much of a hurry that you can’t wait one more in line?”

Me: “I was simply answering the employee, I didn’t mean to cut you. Wait, do you even have your food yet?”

Male customer: “Well, no, but you still had no right to take out your frustrations by cutting us in line!”

Me: *confused and speechless*

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Ignorant Of The Driveway

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(I am going to visit my uncle who lives in an assisted living complex. I am about to turn into the driveway, but there is a lady with an umbrella standing in the middle of the driveway. She sees me indicating and turning to go into the driveway but does not move. Thus, to enter the driveway, I have to manoeuvre the car around her, as to avoid her. I do and, unfortunately, my rear left tyre goes into a shallow pothole. As the pothole is not deep enough to cause any damage to the car or tyre, I drive onwards to the gate where I have to wait for the staff to open the gate to let me in. While I’m waiting, I hear a hard knock on my window; it’s the lady I had to drive around. Figuring she may want a lift, I wind down my glass, only to have her scream at me.)


Me: *confused look*


Me: “When did this happen?”

Lady: “When you drove up the driveway.”

Me: “Oh, you mean when the rear of the car went down in the pothole, when I drove around you to get up here?”

Lady: “YES!”

Me: “Well, next time, don’t stand in the middle of a driveway near a water-filled pothole.”


Me: “Well, I’m smart enough to know not to stand in the middle of a driveway where vehicles are passing, and to wait on the pavement for a taxi rather than where you were.”


(By the time she started her rant again, the gate had opened and I wound up my glass and drove into the complex. Seriously, people, look at your surroundings when you are waiting for transportation. Don’t stand in the middle of a driveway or entrance, move away from large puddles of water, and stay on the edge of the pavement furthest from the road. As a pedestrian, you have to think of your safety first!)

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