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Superheroes Are So Hot Right Now

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(My family is English, but my younger brother married an American and moved to the States. Their kids talk really fast, and with their accents, I sometimes have no idea what they are saying. This is particularly true when they are younger. One of my visits is when my nephew is about six, and he is really into The Avengers. As soon as I arrive from the airport, he takes me into his room to show me his Avengers decor, including a wall decal.)

Nephew: *pointing* “This is Iron Man, and Captain America, and Hulk, and Hot Guy…”

Me: “Who is that?”

Nephew: “Hot Guy.”

Me: “Hot Guy?”

Nephew: “No. Hot Guy.”

Me: “Hot Guy?”

Nephew: “No! Hot Guy!”

(By this point, I am thoroughly confused and know that I am missing something. In my head, I am agreeing with him that the actor is indeed very good looking, but am struggling to get around the idea that a six-year-old boy recognises this.)

Me: “Say it again, but slower this time.”

Nephew: *very slowly, as if explaining something to an idiot* “Haaawwwwkeyyyyeeee.”

(In my defence, I was horribly jet-lagged.)

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