Desktop Flop

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(My mother can do the basics and such with computers, but no matter what we do, she won’t go beyond that. For example, she saves everything she wants to keep to her desktop, refusing the use of folders, flash drives, or even the cloud drive, even though we’ve all told her repeatedly how important it is and made sure she knows how. Finally, the day comes when her old worn-out computer suffers a total hard drive failure.)

Me: “Well, that’s going to make things harder. I know you. You never did back up the tax records or anything on there.”

Mom: “Of course I made backups! I’m not stupid.”

Me: “Oh, good! That’ll make it way easier, then.”

Mom: “Oh, wait… Did you mean the cloud? I never did use the cloud.”

Me: “It doesn’t matter whether you used the cloud or something else. What’d you do, email it all to yourself? Is it all on one of the flash drives or something?”

Mom: “No. I saved everything on the desktop.”

(I swear, she’s really not stupid, at least about most things. Hopefully, this wakes her up enough to at least let an auto-backup keep running this time. In the meantime, wish me luck on the data recovery.)

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