It’s Time To Lego Of This Customer  

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(I work at a board game store that has three locations. I’m usually at our location inside the local mall which, for obvious reasons, has a lot more toys than the other two locations. A family of about four adults and one small child comes in and wanders around the store. I don’t see the kid playing at the train table, which is probably our biggest attraction for small kids, nor do I see him play at all with the Plus Plus demo table — like Legos but all one shape. What I do see when I look over is the kid happily taking apart one of two Lego models my manager spent all morning putting together a few days ago to show what they look like as we still have several of those two models in stock.)

Me: “I’m sorry, that’s not what that’s for; it’s for display. Could you please not let him do that?”

Mom: “What? It was out there. I didn’t realize this was a toy store where you can’t play with any of the toys!”

Me: “We have other things he can play with; we’d just really rather he not take apart the Legos. I’m sorry those ones weren’t labeled like the ones at the counter are—”

Mom: *interrupting* “Well, they should be! I can’t believe he can’t even touch the toys! What kind of toy store is this, anyway?!”

Me: *trying to come up with an answer that won’t offend her further*

Mom: *dumps Lego pieces in my hands* “Well, I’m sorry we didn’t realize that he can’t play with the toys. We’ll be on our way, then, and I’m sorry to have bothered you!”

Me: *after them as they already are leaving* “He can play with the trains… or the Plus Plus…”

(Two other customers who saw the whole thing reassured me that I had not been rude at all. Fifteen minutes later, I got a call. The woman on the phone asked for my manager. I was the only employee at this location, and I was pretty sure the manager over all the locations was not at work, so I told her when my store manager would be back: two days from then. I’m certain it was her, wanting to complain that I wouldn’t let her small child tear our Lego model to bits.)

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I used to work as a Bag Boy/Stockman type when I was 20
One day I was bagging a woman’s groceries and she asked me how my day was.
I replied “Oh I’m having a rough day since it’s so busy”
She said, “Would you like me to pray for you?”
Puzzled, I said “Sure why not.” Thinking she was going to go back to her church and pray on Sunday.
Instead she grabbed my arm right there as I was bagging, closed her eyes and began to pray.
I thanked her, offered to take her groceries out and she left.
I asked the Cashier if she had seen what had just happened and she totally missed it.

Friends By Blood

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(I am visiting a friend and her family and we are having a nice dinner party. Since a couple of guests are late, the front door is unlocked. We look towards the door when we hear someone sprinting up the steps and a young man rushes in, covered in blood.)

Bloody Guy: *somewhat panicked* “[Friend]! I need… I need plastic wrap! A lot of it!”

(The room is quiet for a few moments.)

Friend: *snaps out of it* “Is someone hurt? I think I have a first aid kit.”

Bloody Guy: “No, no one needs a first aid kit. Just plastic wrap, and maybe if you have a big cooler?”

(My friend goes to check for the requested items. Bloody Guy stands there, still kind of breathing heavily.)

Other Guest: “What the f*** is going on?”

Bloody Guy: *blinks, and then suddenly has a moment of obvious realization* “Oh. S***. This looks real bad, huh?”

Other Guest: “Uh, yeah.”

(The bloody guy starts laughing and shouts outside for his girlfriend to come in. She’s also covered in blood, but smiling awkwardly.)

Bloody Girl: “Uh, hi?”

Bloody Guy: *grins* “Hey, babe, tell ’em what happened tonight.”

Bloody Girl: *excitable* “I got in a car accident! With a deer. It’s in my trunk. Wanna see?”

([Friend] comes back with plastic wrap and everyone goes outside; yep, that’s a dead, gutted deer in the trunk, and a screwed-up car. They needed plastic wrap to prevent more blood from getting on the carpeting of the trunk.)

Bloody Guy: *laughing* “I think they thought I killed somebody!”

(It turned out that [Bloody Guy] was a local legend who also happens to be [Friend]’s brother. He was notorious for making local legislation consider making a law to prohibit people from riding livestock on the road in the downtown/shopping district.)

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The Beautiful Age Of The Camera Phone

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(My family uses a video app that allows the users to send short videos to each other. My grandma, especially, loves using it, because it allows her to send videos whenever she thinks of us, and she can rewatch videos we’ve sent when she feels lonely. I am in my car in the parking lot of my local store, having just finished watching my grandma’s latest video. I am preparing to record my own response when my car jolts with a loud crunch. I glance out the back and see that another car came into the neighboring stall at too wide of an angle and hit my side. I get out and walk around, phone in hand, just in time to see them pull away and start speeding off down the row. I quickly hit the record button and turn my phone around to capture the video of their car and license plate, stepping out to keep it in view, so I can have a record when I contact the police. Evidently, the driver sees me, because they slam to a stop and then quickly reverse back down the row, swerving close enough to risk clipping the parked cars as they do so. They roll down the passenger window as they get to me.)

Driver: *shrieking at the top of her lungs* “I DO NOT CONSENT! I DO NOT CONSENT!”

Me: “I didn’t consent to you hitting my car, and you still did!”


(She got out of her car just as my video hit the time limit, so I started another and kept recording as she tried to run around the car to grab my phone. I dodged around my car, and we circled a bit before I managed to jump into my driver’s seat and closed the door. I’d managed to get a shot of the damage to the side of my car as we were circling, and so I finished that video and started calling the police. The lady was banging on my door and pulling at the handle while I did so, and my grandma and my mom were both sending me texts asking what the heck the videos I’d just shared were about. Long story short, the lady sped off before the police got there, I was able to give my account, and we were able to figure out how I could share the video evidence with them. I managed to calm down both my mom and my grandma, but for weeks afterward, my grandma would end all of her videos reminding us to “watch out for loonies in cars.”)

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Sadly Fees-able That He Would Use That Language

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(I have to schedule a flight. I use my bank’s travel website to book through, since the terms of use claim to include free cancelation. I pay and receive an email which includes my confirmation number and a copy of the same terms of use. Due to a miscommunication between me and the people I’m visiting, I scheduled the wrong dates and need to change the booking. It would be best to cancel, get refunded, and schedule a new flight, due to the price differences. I have called the bank’s travel support phone number, which is the only way to cancel bookings.)

Agent #1: “[Bank] Travel, how can I help you?”

Me: “I need to cancel my flight.”

(He collects the appropriate information from me and mentions the disclosure about the call being recorded.)

Agent #1: “Okay, I can cancel this. There is a cancelation fee of $25; is that okay?”

Me: “Actually, that’s not okay, because [Bank] says cancelations are free.”

Agent #1: “Well, I’m not [Bank], I’m [Bank] Travel. The charge is $25.”

Me: *mocking laugh* “No, it ain’t, and I won’t pay it. I have an email from [Bank] saying that cancelation is free, and I can see that on [Bank] Travel’s website, it also says cancelations are free. Get me your manager.”

Agent #1: *argumentative and fussy* “Well, my manager is going to say the same thing! Why don’t you just agree and save us all some time?”

Me: “If your manager can’t do it, then get me your manager’s manager. I’ve worked in a call center, my dude, and I know my rights as a consumer. [Bank] Travel advertised free cancelation. I am canceling my booking. I am entitled to you refunding me in full. Period.”

Agent #1: *angry growl and sigh* “Please hold.”

(As he’s, presumably, attempting to mute his microphone, he mumbles a sexist slur which translates to “female dog.”)

Me: *laughs out of surprise* “I heard that, and I know you can hear me, and I know your recording system heard it, too.”

(He hangs up on me, so I call back and get an agent who is a woman.)

Agent #2: “[Bank] Travel, how can I help you?”

Me: “Can your system locate a previous call’s recording from using the caller’s phone number as a reference?”

Agent #2: *understandably baffled* “Uh, yes, usually there is no problem with that.”

Me: “Please have your manager review the call recording prior to my call with you. I can wait as long as it takes without any hassle.”

Agent #2: “Uh, okay, this may take a few minutes. Excuse me for a moment while I place you on hold.”

(Roughly ten minutes pass.)

Agent #2: “Hello again. My manager reviewed the call and would like to speak to you about your—” *paused for a moment* “—experience. May I transfer you to her?”

Me: “Thanks so much. Please do.”

Manager: *nervous and confused* “Hello, [My Name]. I just wanted to say that I am so sorry about this situation. I have no idea why… why that happened. Everyone here knows there is no fee for your reservation method, and even if there had been fees on your account, the agents on the phone would never have any reason for making sure fees are billed to [Bank] customers. Not to mention, his behavior was unacceptable and I’m so sorry about this.”

Me: “I don’t need you to apologize to me. I appreciate it, but when a person is wrong they should directly apologize to the person they’ve wronged. On that note, I doubt that he would, so we can skip it. About my flight?”

Manager: “Cancelled with absolutely no charges or fees; a full refund will appear on [Bank] website within 24 hours.”

Me: “And about the first agent I spoke with… I’m sure [Bank] would want to reconsider a rep like him, right? I’d hate for him to verbally abuse someone who, say, is in a worse mental place.”

Manager: “He has been taken out of the call system for the moment, and is unable to take further calls today. He will not represent [Bank] in any position that faces customers, but any other punishments aren’t up to me. Please excuse me. Have a nice day.”

(The call was politely disconnected. I got a full refund and booked the cheaper flight without further drama. If it’s “female dog” behavior to make a company abide by the contracts they use, then I will gladly continue to be a female dog.)

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