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(I am a twenty-one year old female and I work at a well known bedding and bath/kitchen housewares store. I am working opening shift on July 4th as the main cashier when an older man comes in.)

Man: “Do you have a windshield cleaner with replacement pads?”

Me: “Hmm, we have two kinds in store. Let me show you the first that’s just up front here!”

(I walk out from behind the counter and lead him to where one of the two kinds is hanging. I point to it.)

Me: “We have this one here, the [particular brand name]. Is this it?”

Man: *suddenly with voice raised* “No! I want a windshield cleaner with replacement pads! That’s not it!”

Me: *getting nervous at his volume and tone* “Okay! Well we have another type that is further back in the store. Let me call another employee to the front and they can help you find it!”

(I walk away and call over the walkie-talkie for another employee. Since I am the main cashier, I have to stay within a certain area near the main registers. I walk back behind the counter just as my coworker comes up. I introduce him to the customer and explain what he is looking for.)

Me: “He’s looking for windshield cleaners, and it’s the other one, not [particular brand name].”

Coworker: *nods and looks at the man*

Man: *Interrupts before coworker can say anything* “I need a windshield cleaner with replacement pads! And not that one on the wall!”

Coworker: “Hmmm…” *walks over to a newly placed bin with the second kind of windshield cleaner in it. He takes one out and shows it to the customer* “Is this it?”

Man: “…Yeah, I guess so.” *he takes it, my coworker thanks him and walks off. The man approaches the counter I am at in order to pay*

Me: *Smiles sheepishly* “I’m sorry about that, sir! They must have put the bin up yesterday when I wasn’t in and I didn’t get a chance to notice it. It’s crazy how much a store can change when you’re gone, even in such a short time!”

Man: *Tosses it on the counter* “Yeah, right, you just don’t wanna serve veterans! None of you do!”

Me: *Startled* “No, sir! Actually, my dad and grandfather are both vet-“

Man: *ignores and interrupts, leaning on the counter and getting very close to my face* “Don’t lie to me! I know the truth!” *he takes out his wallet and begins pulling out a bill*

(I’m already overly sensitive to loud noises and shouting, and him getting so close only made the whole situation worse, so I was shaking by this point, but I managed to put on a smile).

Me: “Alright, that will be $10.59.”

Man: *pulls out $11.00 and hands it to me, picks up item, and starts to head toward the exit around the counter*

Me: *quickly finishes ringing out order* “Oh, sir, do you want your change?”

Man: “Yes.” *continues walking toward exit as he holds his hand out towards me*

Me: *Plops change in his open hand* “Have a good day!”

Man: *Nods* “Have a happy July 4th.”

Me: *Confused* “…You too!”

Man: “Oh, you’ve already made it better!” *says this in a genuine tone and walks out*

Me: *stunned*

(Now, I fully respect veterans and I entirely understand that July 4th can be a bad day for some of them, as I assume was the case here, but still, this was a startling and bizarre scenario for sure!)

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(We rent out a large meeting room for a fee.  A few weekends a year a group of Pokemon enthusiasts rent the room for a tournament.  A teenage girl comes up to the counter to check out her books on one such weekend.)

Teen:  What’s going on in the big room?

Co-worker:  Oh, it’s a Pokemon game.

Teen:  Ohhhh… that explains all the awkward teenagers.

(My co-worker and I — and another patron checking out at the same time — burst out laughing.)

Couldn’t Make The Complaint Fly

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(This happens to my friend one day when he goes to a fast food restaurant known for serving breakfast foods alongside normal burgers and stuff all day. He is a big fan of their tacos and orders a couple of them on this visit. After getting back to his table, he brushes off the lettuce and finds a dead fly in one of his tacos. He takes a picture of the offending fly, then takes his taco up to ask for a new one.)

Friend: “Hey, man, I just found a dead fly in my taco. Can I get a new one?”

Worker: *takes taco back into the kitchen for a moment, then comes back with the same taco, minus one fly* “I didn’t see any flies on there.”

Friend: “Um, did I mention I took a picture of it?” *pulls out his phone and pulls up the picture of what is very obviously a dead fly, wings and all*

Worker: “That just looks like a piece of ground beef to me.”

(The worker refused to give my friend a new taco. They lost my business, since now I can’t even think of the restaurant without feeling nauseated. Amazingly, my friend still goes there. He really likes their tacos. Now he always brushes off the lettuce and checks for flies before he eats them, though.)

Disabling His Excuse

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(There is one member of my circle of “friends” who has a nasty tendency to insult people, and then immediately make an excuse that he has a social disability. Given how gleefully unrepentant he seems during it, I have difficulty actually believing it, and at one point, I just snap.)

Friend: “Hey, you’re looking less like a cow than usual.” *pauses, then smirks* “Oh, sorry, was that rude? You know that I can’t tell with my disability.”

Me: “Apparently, you can tell well enough to realize you need a disclaimer.”

(A couple of the people nearby chuckled, while he just glared at me, and then went to complain to some other people there about how “rude” I was. Now, he tends to avoid me, which I am not sad about at all.)

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Door-To-Door Murderers

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(Our family enjoys crime procedurals, and we prefer to watch them over anything else. This particular night, we’re watching a late-night rerun of one such show, and this episode features a serial killer who’s murdering entire families. He gains access to his victims’ homes by knocking on the door, holding a dead cat, and explaining that he and his buddy accidentally ran over said cat and asking if it belongs to the family. The episode has just finished up, close to midnight, when we hear a knock on the door.)

Mom: “Someone get the door.”

Me: *exchanging deer-in-the-headlights look with my brother* “You get the door.”

Brother: “I’m not getting the door!”

Mom: “Holy s***, someone get the door!”

Me: “After that episode, we’re not getting the door!”

(The kicker? When Mom finally gave up and opened the door herself, it was the cat! Our cat has learned that if he bangs on the door with his paw, someone will let him in. It was just his luck to “knock” right after we’d watched that particular episode!)

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