Doesn’t Register Their Lack Of Professionalism

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(Usually, my wife and I go shopping together. She’s been picking up extra shifts so I decide to shop at the grocery store where she works. Usually, I don’t shop there, because they’re a bit more expensive than other places, certain members of staff are very rude, and the employee discount system isn’t worth the hassle. I complete the shopping just fine and get into the ONLY AVAILABLE LINE for the registers. My wife is cashiering. When I get to the front of the line, her coworker suddenly runs over, grabs my wife by the shoulders, and forces her away from the register. My wife, who has complained bitterly about this coworker’s behavior every time they have a shift together, leaves to report this new behavior to the manager. The coworker starts running the barcodes for my groceries.)

Coworker: *hurriedly and in a hushed tone* “It’s against company policy for employees to check out their family members.”

Me: *acting casual but pretty annoyed with how she manhandled my wife* “Oh, we didn’t know that. [Wife] only recently got training for the registers; I think it just hasn’t come up yet.”

Coworker: *slightly louder and exasperated* “It’s because people try to steal that way.”

Me: “Well, if I wanted to steal, which I absolutely do not want to do, I’d just have walked out of the doors while no one is looking. Why walk up to a register to steal?” *forced laugh* “Last I checked, approaching a register with a wallet out means I intend to pay.”

Coworker: *suddenly louder and now getting shrill, louder with each sentence* “[Wife] is going to get fired! And it’s all your fault for trying to steal from [GroceryStore]! You should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!”

(Customers behind me are staring, and I’m on the verge of a panic attack because of the attention and fear of my wife losing her job. Her job is the only way we’ve been paying the bills lately.)

Me: “I wasn’t trying to steal anything! I just wanted to pick up some things and didn’t want to drive across town to do so.”

Coworker: *accusatory and loud* “Then why did you go to [Wife]’s register?!”

Me: “Because it was the only one open!”

(In my frustration, I forgot to pay with the employee discount and forgot to use our gift card, too. I basically ran out of the store. As soon as I got home, I called the manager and explained to him that it was an accident, that I didn’t steal anything, that I don’t appreciate being treated like a criminal for trying to pay for my groceries, and that [Coworker] is why I don’t usually shop there because she’s creepy and rude. I found out a few days later that [Coworker] got written up for it. It’s her second customer complaint in three days. My wife and I have no idea how [Coworker] keeps her job, since she’s specifically starting fights with other employees all the time and treats customers like garbage.)

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(I work the reference desk at the library.  One of my jobs is signing people in on the computers, and monitoring computer activity.  A teen boy approaches my desk.)

Boy:  Can I get a computer?

Me:  Sure, let me just see your card.

(I scan his card and see a warning on his account that he’s been caught on inappropriate websites on our computers in the past.  With this in mind I assign him to a computer that’s within sight of my desk… and with an adult at the computer right next to him.)

Boy:  But I want that computer!  *points to one behind my desk, out of my sight*

Me:  I’m sorry, but I’m assigning you to this computer.  Let me know if you have any problems.

(The boy gave up and sat down at the computer in question.  Not five minutes later I caught him looking up pornographic videos, despite being in plain sight of the rest of the library and right next to an adult.  Needless to say, he was banned from our computers for awhile.)

Bridget Jones Having A Baby Doesn’t Mean You Can Bring Yours

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(The movie “Bridget Jones’ Baby” has just come out. It’s an adult movie full of crude jokes and innuendos, swearing, and several sex scenes; it’s rated R. Anyone under 17 must be accompanied by an adult into an R-rated movie, and children under six aren’t allowed at all. I am an usher, and I’m coming back from a theater check when my manager informs me that a couple is taking their child into the Bridget Jones movie. I walk in after them. The movie has yet to start, as they are very early, and the lights aren’t even down yet. The couple is standing there, getting settled, with their infant in a stroller. I approach the mother that’s standing with the child.)

Me: “I’m sorry, miss. You can’t have your child in here. This is an R-rated movie, and children under six are not allowed.”

Husband: *jokingly… I think* “Well, then he’s six now, isn’t he?”

Wife: “But he’s just a baby.”

Me: “Yes, but he’s under six, and we can’t allow children under six in an R-rated movie.”

Wife: “But we should be allowed to dictate what he can watch, anyway; we’re his parents.”

Me: “Yes, but this movie is still inappropriate for young children, and our policy does not allow children under six from being in this showing.”

Husband: “He’s just a baby. He won’t even understand what’s going on.”

Me: “Maybe so, sir. But he is still under six, and still not allowed in an R-rated movie like this.”

Wife: “But we already bought our tickets and food and everything. Besides, he’s just going to nap through it. He’s just a baby.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. But he’s still under six. If you’d like, our manager can switch your tickets for another movie so you can take your child. But you can’t watch this movie with him.”

Husband: “But we couldn’t get a babysitter for our date, so we just took him. He’s just a baby.”

Me: “My apologies. If you would just come with me out of the theater, we can get you a ticket for another movie, instead, since we cannot have children under six in this theater.”

(Eventually, I got them to leave the theater, still muttering. They immediately went to my manager and b**** about me, about our rules, and about the fact they apparently couldn’t bear to reschedule their movie date to take care of their baby. They were given comp tickets for a later date, since they REALLY didn’t want to change movies, and left, still wondering why they couldn’t have an infant in a rated-R movie.)

Hateful Eight

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(I work in a department store as a sales associate. We started closing an hour earlier about a month ago. I am the only one working in any of the four men’s departments when there are usually about two to three people per department, because everyone is going to be working a MASSIVE sale the next day. I’m stuck ringing up a line of customers, so I can’t lock up the doors. This customer walks in about five minutes after we close.)

Me: “Excuse me, sir, we’re closed.”

Customer: “No, you’re not!”

Me: “Sir, we close at eight on Mondays now.”

Customer: “No, you don’t!”

Me: “Sir, we closed at eight. As you can see, I’m the only one working in Men’s. If there was anyone else, I would have locked up. I hope that doesn’t inconvenience you, but we are closed.”

Customer: “You can’t be closed! I’m here!”

Me: “Sir, you aren’t supposed to be here.”

(We go on like that for a few minutes. I am trying to help the customers in line.)

Me: “Sir, I’m sorry. I know that the time we close changed a while back, but you are not allowed to enter the store right now. I need you to leave.”


Me: “Sir, my manager isn’t here right now. She won’t be in until Wednesday.”

Customer: “I want to see her now!”

Me: “Okay, let me call the manager of Young Women’s.”

Manager: “Hi, [My Name]. What’s up?”

Me: “I have a gentleman here. He is trying to enter. I told him we were closed. He would very much like to speak with you.”

(I handed him the phone and started ringing up the customers as fast as I could. As it stood before this guy walked in, I was going to get out of there fifteen minutes late. At this point, I was thinking it was going to be an extra forty-five. I got to the last guy in line when I turned around to see this man slam the receiver down.)

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(I work in a call center where I take inbound calls to enroll people in our service, as well as provide support to current and previous customers.)

Caller: I recently enrolled with you, but my service hasn’t gone active, so I want to check the status of my account.

Me: (after gathering the customer’s info and pulling up their account) Okay, it seems your enrollment was rejected because we were informed you don’t live at the address you want to receive our service at. I’d be happy to confirm everything and resubmit your information to get your service started.

Caller: Oh…I did move around that time, so I guess I gave you my old info.

Me: No problem! I can definitely get everything updated and corrected so I can resubmit it and get service started.

(At this point, I attempt to start verifying information and correcting the incorrect information that was previously provided, but the caller is being difficult throughout it).

Caller: I don’t understand why my service didn’t go active. I got a confirmation number after I enrolled!

Me: Ma’am, that confirmation number is simply the number attached to the recording of your phone call, in which our computer verbally recites each piece of information you provided about yourself and asks you to verify that we correctly entered the information you provided us, as well as confirming that you are verbally agreeing to be our customer, and that you agree to our terms of service. We had no way of knowing you didn’t actually live at the address you provided us until we actually attempted to establish the service there.

Caller: But I got a confirmation number! I don’t understand.

Me: Again ma’am, that number simply confirms that you have verified that we correctly entered in the information as you provided it to us.

Caller: Someone should have called me!

Me: Ma’am, I apologize that didn’t happen, but I’d be happy to get everything corrected now.

Caller: So you’re saying this is all my fault?!

Me: (no..I’m only thinking it) Ma’am I apologize that your enrollment was rejected, but I’d be happy to correct everything.

Caller: But this isn’t fair! Why are you blaming this all on me? I want my service with you backdated!

(Basically, because the company that she’s currently receiving service from currently is more expensive, she wants our pricing to be retroactive…so she can have our pricing instead for those months…when she wasn’t actually receiving our service during that time and was still someone else’s customer. confused yet?)

Me: …Ma’am, I’m sorry but that’s just not possible.

Caller: Why not?! I enrolled on XX/XX/XXXX date, so I want the agreed price for that time! The other company is too expensive and that’s why I wanted your service instead of theirs!

Me: Ma’am, I’m sorry but I can’t undo the past. They already provided the service.

Caller: I can’t believe you won’t do anything about this! You should’ve called me! Why are you blaming this all on me?

Me: Ma’am, I apologize again and I’d be happy to correct your info so we can begin providing service to you and getting you our lower price.

Caller: I’m done! You certainly did not provide 5 star customer service today and I can’t believe you won’t do anything to help. Goodbye! (customer hangs up)

Me to the sound of a disconnected call: *sigh* You have a great day, ma’am.

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