Your Prescription Has Gone To The Dogs

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(I’m working as a cashier in a pet shop.)

Customer: “Do you guys have prescription [Brand] dog food?”

Me: “I’m really sorry; we can’t carry prescription brand foods as we do not have a vet at this location.”

Customer: “Well, why not?”

Me: “The [Nearby Location] branch has one. I suppose it was just our company’s idea; I’m not sure.”

Customer: “Well, when are you getting one?! That’s ridiculous. I don’t want to drive out there.”

Me: “I don’t know. That would be up to someone much higher up. I suppose if we get enough business we might?”

Customer: “Well, can I order prescription food to this location?”

Me: “No, sorry.”

Customer: “Well. I will just double-check. I’m sure you guys have it.” *walks towards the dog food aisle*

Me: *sighs*

Why Is The Cashier Not A Trained Veterinarian?!

, , , , | Right | October 13, 2018

(I am working in a pet shop as a cashier. A flashy-looking woman, with her sunglasses still on, walks in and asks for assistance.)

Me: “Okay, well, I can get someone for you; but I need to stay at the register.”

Customer: “Well, I’m in a hurry; can you just help me?”

(I figure it’s decently slow, so I call for help and decide to assist her until someone arrives. The woman asks various questions about a flea and tick product, so I help narrow it down to the best quality for the cheapest price.)

Customer: “So, how does this product work? How long does it take? How much do I put on my dog?”

Me: “Well, how much does your dog weigh?”

(I want to narrow down the search a bit more.)

Customer: “I don’t know.”

Me: “Well, what kind of dog is it?”

Customer: “I don’t know!”

Me: “Well, we can look at the back of the box—”

Customer: “Well, can I just get someone else to help me? You obviously don’t know what you are talking about!”

Me: “Uh, okay.”

(I look down the main aisle and see a pet care associate, and ask her for help. As I walk away, I can hear the woman asking the associate why I work in pet store if I am that stupid.)

Associate: “Well, our knowledge is based purely on our own experience with animals and some minimal training; she also works at the register as a cashier.”

(Cashiers are also paid less BECAUSE they don’t have unlimited knowledge of animals!)

Customer: “Well, I guess so.”

(The woman came up later and acted like nothing ever happened. I checked her out and I had to be nice because that is my job. My associate came over later and handed me a care card, commending me for holding my tongue, telling me she, sadly, has had people call her worse.)

Drawing To A Fine Conclusion

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(Our library is having a celebration to mark us finally paying off the cost of constructing our building. Among other things, we’re holding periodic drawings for prizes, including books, t-shirts, book-bags, and a grand prize of a Kindle and a basket of books. This drawing is advertised on our Facebook page, as well, and results in this rather adorable confusion.)

Boy: *comes up to the front desk* “You guys are doing the drawing today?”

Coworker: “Yes, we are! Did you want to enter?”

Boy: “Yeah.” *pulls out a notebook and starts flipping through the pages* “I have all these drawings I want to enter.”

Coworker: “Drawings…” *realization hits* “Oh, no, it’s not that kind of drawing! It’s where you enter your name on a ticket and we draw out tickets to win prizes. It’s not an art contest.”

Boy: “Oh.” *looks crestfallen and closes the notebook*

Coworker: “But you know what? I want to see your drawings. Show me and tell me about them!”

Boy: “Okay!” *brightens up and opens the notebook*

(My coworker spent several minutes looking at the boy’s drawings and listening to him talk about each one. He seemed perfectly happy to have someone show interest in his work. And even better, he entered the actual drawing and won a book! So, despite the misunderstanding, things worked out well for him.)

Think About That For A Minute

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Me: “Okay, so we have a few different plan options. We have a Nation 450-minute plan, a 900-minute plan and an unlimited plan. The 450 and the 900 each come with unlimited night and weekend minutes and unlimited cell to cell calling.”

Customer: “So what are the numbers?”

Me: “The numbers? OH! Well, the 450 in the “Nation 450″ means that there are 450 anytime minutes and the Nation 900 means there are 900 anytime minutes.”

Customer: “So… how many minutes are in your 450 minute plan?”

Me: “I’m sorry? How many minutes are in our 450 minute plan?”

Customer: “Yes. How many minutes are in the 450 minute plan?”

Me: “There are 450 anytime minutes in our 450 minute plan.”

Customer: “Oh. Okay.”

Go Out Of Business Or Lose Mine!

, , , | Right | September 4, 2018

(I am a manager in a bookstore owned by a chain that has recently filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. The chain is rearranging some management but has decided not to close any stores.)

Customer: “Hi, I was wondering when you’re having your out-of-business sale?”

Me: “We aren’t having one, luckily. The store isn’t closing.”

Customer: *angrily* “That’s not what I heard. When is your sale?”

Me: “I’m afraid there will not be one.”

Customer: “I know you’re closing. You need to tell me when your sale is.”

Me: “Again, I am sorry, sir, but we will not be closing, so there will not be a sale.”

Customer: “So, you won’t give me any discount on this?” *holds up item*

Me: “No, sir, as the store is not closing, I cannot give you a discount, and since you have been quite rude, I will not authorize one.”


Me: *nods* “All right, then. Have a pleasant day, sir.”

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