Not The Type Of Person You Can Just Brush Off

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(I work in the front lobby of an assisted living building. My large desk is in one corner and there are chairs, couches, and tables all around where the residents hang out. On the right side of my desk, there is a lower portion where I display announcements and stack flyers for the day’s events, etc. Residents frequently stand there and stare at the things posted there. I always turn and say hello and ask if they need anything. A resident comes up and starts looking at the things posted.)

Me: “Hello, [Resident]. Can I help you with anything?”

Resident: “Nope.” *goes back to reading announcements*

Me: “Okay, let me know if you need anything!” *goes back to typing and phone calls, keeping an eye on the resident out of the corner of my eye*

(It’s been a good five minutes, maybe more, and I’ve taken a couple of phone calls, rummaged in my desk for supplies, and have been typing on the computer — my usual daily things. The resident is still there, which is not unusual at all, as most residents take forever and a day to read the things there. Then, all of a sudden…)

Resident: “What in the h*** is taking you so g**d*** long?! I’ve been standing here forever!” 

(She’s actually been sitting there on her walker seat, looking like she’s just sitting around like people always do.)

Me: “I’m sorry, you didn’t say anything. I thought you were just reading the announcements. You should have said something.”

Resident: “You know g**d*** well I’ve been waiting for you! Lazy b****!”

Me: *taken aback* “I’m sorry you feel that way. People stand there quietly reading all the time and…”

Resident: “I need a toothbrush. I’ve got food in my teeth. The people upstairs told me to come to ask you for one.”

Me: “Who told you to come down here for that?”

Resident: “Why the h*** do you need to know? They told me to come to the g**d*** front desk!”

Me: “I need to know because I’ve never had things like toothbrushes up here and I need to tell whoever told you that so they don’t mislead someone again.”

Resident: “How the h*** did you even get this job?! Useless!” *keeps ranting loudly all the way back down the hallway, using several more expletives*

(I guess I got cussed out for not being psychic enough to know what she wanted and for not doing something that has never been even close to part of my job. A toothbrush? Do I look like a drugstore?!)

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