Not Even In Line And Already Out Of Line, Part 3

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I am a cashier in an extremely understaffed store; there is one other girl and me. That’s it. We are both extremely busy throughout the day, although she is usually in the back throwing freight.

I am running the register as well as attending to my stocking duties when I have a younger man approach the register, ready to check out.

Then, an old man is suddenly at my side wanting help finding an item. I think it should be quick as it’s only one item. I guess I’m still a rookie.

Old Man: “I need this lotion; it’s a dollar and it’s got a pump.”

We spend some time looking for it. I mean, how vague can you be, right?

Finally, we find something similar. He also quickly grabs another item. He then hands me the items and tells me he’s ready to check out. I go up to the register and am about to start checking out the younger man, as well as the line of four or five other people that have appeared during the time it took me to help the old man.

Then, I realize he’s not getting in line. He comes up next to the register, fully expecting me to ring him up first.

Me: “Sir, please move to the end of the line.”

Customer: “Oh, I was already in line when you were helping me.”

I quickly take stock of the situation and determine that it will be easier and faster to just ring him through, as he already has his money out.

The retail gods are shining on me this day because everyone else in line is understanding.

Younger Man: “Man, I gotta remember that one for next time. Good night!”

At least there are still some good ones out there.

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Not Even In Line And Already Out Of Line

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