I Bet He Uses That (Price)Line On All The Hotels

, , | Right | November 12, 2020

Me: “Hello, this is [Hotel].”

Caller: “How much for your rooms tonight?”

Me: “Our cheapest room is $139.”

Caller: “Nooooo… on Priceline, I saw it was $59!”

Me: “You’d have to book it through them, then, to get their discount.”

Caller: “Oh! You can’t match their price?”

Me: “No—”

I repeat what I said.

Caller: “…”

Me: “Okay?”

Caller: “Okay, I will do that, then.”

No one ever showed up. I looked at Priceline’s rates, and they were $139! He may just have mistaken the hotels, but somehow I smelled a scam. Scammers beware! Go tell your lies someplace else.

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