Not Even In Line And Already Out Of Line

, , , , | Right | April 13, 2020

(A friend and I are getting iced coffee when a customer interrupts the barista because she supposedly waited ten minutes in line at the pickup counter.)

Customer: *sounding exasperated* “Excuse me, where is the line to order?”

Employee: *gesturing to the woman’s right* “It starts where the ‘please enter here’ sign is.” *goes to give a drink to a customer*

Customer: *huffs and follows the employee down the counter* “Your line isn’t clearly marked; it’s confusing and I wasted all this time down here!”

(The employee apologizes for the confusion and repeats where the line starts.)

Customer: “Now I have to stand in line again even though I stood over here for ten minutes?!”

Me: “It’s not his fault you made a mistake!”

Customer: “This isn’t your business!”

Me: “You’re berating him for your mistake; I’m making it my business!”

(She got in the proper line and shot daggers at me the whole time.)

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