Maybe The Heatwave Melted Their Brain

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There is a heatwave going on and the water companies have asked people to preserve water; don’t waste it. I’m in my garden reading a book when I overhear my neighbours talking. 

Neighbour #1: “Are you filling the kiddie pool?”

Neighbour #2: “Yes, the water was dirty.”

Neighbour #1: “We changed the water yesterday!”

Neighbour #2: “Well, it was dirty.”

Neighbour #1: “We are supposed to preserve water!”

Neighbour #2: “Oh, don’t worry. I’m using a water-saving hose attachment!”

I could hear his facepalm. It was an actual, loud slap. For those who need extra information: with or without a water-saving attachment, the volume of water will remain the same.

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