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18 Sweat-Inducing Stories About Heatwaves And Those Who Can’t Handle Them (And A Few Who Can)

| Right | August 18, 2020

Dear readers,

For our readers in the northern hemisphere, it’s summertime, and it is hot! In fact, this particular roundup exists because this particular editor is stuck in a heatwave with no AC, so here are 18 stories about people stuck in some hot weather, and those who rise (like the mercury in a thermometer) to the occasion, and those who fail miserably!


I Have An Ice Cream Dream – We like the way this kid thinks!

Kindness: It’s All In The Delivery – These kind people really kept their cool during a heatwave.

A Welcoming Heart-Warming During A Heatwave – The ice cream truck jingle inspires joy anywhere.

This Is An Ex-Lawn! – Using fire for landscaping… during a heatwave. Did your brain melt?

Not Conditioned To This Level Of Incompetence – This employee didn’t do so hot, and things only got hotter.

She’s Told You For The Last Time – Sometimes it gets so hot you jump to conclusions.

Snow Way They’re That Dumb – You know, Canada has seasons, too.

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire – Can’t take the heat? Stay off of the roof.

A Waitress Who Knows How To Keep Her Cool – This waitress can form these puddles back into humans!

The Cold Reality Of Working Weekends – Please stop touching the employees.

Maybe The Heatwave Melted Their Brain – Water you thinking, neighbor?!

The Eventual Heat Death Of Their Brain – Cue everyone from Arizona, USA, saying, “You think that’s hot?”

How To Beat The Heat – There’s a reason for everything, even in a heatwave.

Tourists From The Land Of Irony – The sun can’t bleach away this tourist’s selfishness.

This Man Needs To Wo-Man Up – You’d have to be crazy to dress like that in this weather!

A Small Nugget Of Kindness – This story will heat up your heart to new levels of warm fuzziness.

Hot-Tempered Neighbors – STOP. TOUCHING. STRANGERS.

Begging For A Happy Ending – At least my tears are cooling my face. *Sniff*


We hope you enjoyed this heatwave-themed roundup! Let us know in the comments if there were any stories we were too lazy to include! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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