Hamster Wheel Of Kindness

, , | Albany, NY, USA | Hopeless | May 30, 2016

(A young girl comes in to purchase a hamster and the supplies needed. She comes to the register, and gets out her money to pay.)

Cashier: “The total is $55.”

Little Girl: “Mommy, I only have $50.”

Mom: “Honey, I didn’t bring any money with me. We’ll have to come back.”

Cashier #2: *to the little girl* “Will you love it and take good care of it?”

Little Girl: “Of course! I love my hamsters.”

Cashier #2: *reaches into her pocket and pulls out a five* “Here you go. Take good care of him.”

(The little girl thanked the cashier and hugged her!)

The Drugs Do Work

, , | USA | Hopeless | May 30, 2016

(I am not fully trained in the pharmacy, just enough to help customers picking up their prescriptions. I am assisting the drive-thru customers.)

Customer: “I have two requests: I need some information about a drug I’ve has been prescribed, and also for a prescription that I’ve already picked up but someone has found and brought back to your store.”

(I grab a pen and write everything down so that I can accurately ask the pharmacist for them. While the pharmacist is bringing me the items, I chat with the customer to better understand what happened.)

Customer: “I picked up my prescription and drove to a local park to enjoy the weather. Someone broke into my car and grabbed the prescription. The drugs did not contain any narcotics, so the thief tossed it aside. Another person at the park found it and brought it to the store so you could return them to the me.”

Me: “That is so cool!”

Customer: “Yes. I am glad someone brought them back, and the pharmacist called me.”

Me: “This just made my day.”

Walking Home On The Nice Side Of The Street

, | Sweden | Hopeless | May 29, 2016

(I am walking home late at night with a pretty clingy friend of mine, who is staying over. He’s male; I’m female. He’s messing around and I’m trying not to laugh, when three rough-looking men come up to us, reeking of alcohol. My friend tucks me under his arm when he sees them.)

Guy #1: “Hey! Is this guy making you uncomfortable, girlie?”

Guy #2: “Yeah, you don’t need to go with him if you don’t want to.”

Me: *surprised and a little touched* “Oh, no, it’s fine! He’s my friend.”

Guy #3: “You sure you’re okay? We can call the cops and wait with you for them to come if you want.”

Me: “Thanks, but it’s really fine. He’s good.”

Friend: *nervously trying to lighten the situation* “Yeah, to be honest I’d be more into you than her, if it’s like that.”

(The guys are suddenly all smiles, and two of them nod and walk off again.)

Guy #3: “Good! We wanted to make sure. You never know and we’d feel bad if we saw in the papers that something happened and we could’ve helped. You two have a good night now!”

(I only lived in that area a short while, but those three men were by far the best people I met there!)

A Dollar And A Smile

, , , | USA | Hopeless | May 28, 2016

(I have health issues, and frequently need medical testing to ensure everything is okay. I’m at a hospital I’ve been to before – but not for quite a while – for yet another series of tests. This time the parking garage has signs everywhere stating CASH ONLY. I have absolutely no cash on me. When I check in, I ask the receptionist if there is an ATM so I can pay for the parking garage. Towards the end of check-in, this happens:)

Receptionist: “And keep a hold of your parking ticket – the technician can stamp it for you so you only have to pay a dollar! You may not even need the ATM!”

Me: “I don’t even have a dollar. I usually carry at least a little cash, but things came up. I’ll just use the ATM.”

(The receptionist offered to give me a dollar for the parking garage and I was floored. A little thing like that can mean a lot. I gave her all the coins in my wallet in return. Thank you!)

Tipping The Scales Towards The Good

, , | Boston, MA, USA | Hopeless | May 27, 2016

(I work at an old family restaurant that has been in the area for generations. One of our regulars is a woman who has been coming here every week for a while now, since she works right down the street, and the wait staff have gotten to know her. I oversee the following between one of our waitresses and the regular, between the waitress’s trips to her tables…)

Waitress: “The usual today?”

Regular: “Yeah, same as always. You doing okay?”

Waitress: “Things are rough at home, that’s all.”

Regular: “What’s up?”

Waitress: “My husband got arrested last night. His probation was almost up. It was something really stupid. He was fine, good behavior, he’s been great…Now I’m alone with the kids, and they don’t really understand what’s going on, and they want their dad, and it’s just been hard…”

Regular: “That’s really awful. Let me know if you need anything, all right?”

Waitress: “It’ll be okay. He’s going to get off light, they say, if he behaves…It’s just a few months…”

Regular: “It’ll be okay. He’ll be home soon.”

Waitress: “Yeah.”

(Later, the waitress hands off the receipt, the regular pays with card, she hands back the receipt for signing. The regular leaves, and then this happens:)

Cashier: “Hey, [Waitress]… she left you a two hundred dollar tip.”

Waitress: “What? You mean twenty dollars. That’s ridiculous.”

Cashier: “No, look at this.”

(The tip has “$200.00” written on it, with a note of well wishes on the side. After glancing at it, the waitress flees out the door with the rest of us chuckling behind her in the entryway. She returns after a bit, out of breath.)

Waitress: “I caught up with her down the sidewalk. That’s ridiculous! She never gets to tip me again!”

(We all laughed. The regular still comes back every week. I’m glad people have each other’s backs in this world.)

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