Your Generosity Is Highly Visible

, , , , | Hopeless | March 30, 2016

(I’ve just finished and am setting off home. The road I take back home has no streetlights, is poorly maintained and has a lot of tight bends, so I wear a high-vis vest, as I’m on a moped. As I go around one particular tight bend I almost run straight into what looks like a shadow riding a bike: all black, even the bike. I pull in front of him and realise it is a young teenager cycling back home.)

Me: “Hey, buddy! Do you not have a high-vis?”

Teen: “Oh, hey! No, I don’t. Why?”

Me: “Because all I saw there was a floating shadow, mate. Hold on. I have a spare vest.”

(I dig into my bag to find my spare, realising I left it at home.)

Me: “Ah, sorry, mate. I’ve left my spare at home.”

Teen: “Thanks anyway, though.”

Me: “Hold on, mate.” *I take my own high vis off and offer it to him* “I can be seen a lot better than you can. Take mine.”

Teen: *in disbelief* “Wow, thanks, man! I’ve just been pulling into the hedges hoping cars don’t wing me!”

Me: “No worries, mate. They’ll see you now! Ride safe!

(I sped off and left him safer than he was.)

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