Help Taking The Wait Off Your Foot

, , , | Hopeless | March 31, 2016

(I have just finished my shift as a cashier when my ride calls to say she’ll be an hour or two late. I’d had minor foot surgery the day before and I’m in a lot of pain so I find some nearby grass to sit on while I wait. A truck drives by, then turns around and parks not far away. Two guys and a girl get out and walk over.)

Guy #1: “Hey, we saw you crying and had to come back. Are you okay?”

Me: *rubs my eyes, embarrassed* “Oh! Uh, yeah. My foot hurts and I can’t walk, and my ride is late. It’s no big deal.”

Girl: “We could give you a ride home if you want. Do you live nearby?”

Me: No, that’s okay. I don’t want my ride to worry about me. Thanks, though.

Guy #2: “Well, we can’t leave you here, so we’ll wait with you.”

(The three of them sit on the grass with me and start showing off their tattoos, talking about video games, and trying to make me laugh. When my ride finally calls to say she’s only a few minutes away, they wish me a better day and leave. I don’t think I even learned their names, but I’ll never forget their kindness.)

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