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Has Some Serious Bag Baggage, Part 8

, , , | Right | May 4, 2021

I am sixteen working my first job. A lady in her forties comes through my checkout with a young boy.

Customer: “Can I get everything in bags?”

She has about ten items on the belt, enough that it will fit in one bag. Not hearing she wanted them separate, I pack everything into one bag. It isn’t until she is paying that she notices and begins her outburst.

Customer: “Is everything in the one bag?!”

Me: “Yes, although if you would like me to pack it into two bags, I can easily do so.”

Customer: *Grunts angrily* “I asked for two bags!”

Me: “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. Let me fix that.”

Customer: “No. Don’t worry about it.”

She pays while lecturing me.

Customer: “I’m old. You should think more of your older customers.”

She continues accusing me of wanting her to suffer and saying that I am basically horrible at my job. 

Meanwhile, the kid with her listens to her rant and just looks at me; he looks horrified. I get that some people might have an injury or medical condition and not be able to carry much weight, but she is being truly horrible.

Somehow, I talk back. I am normally very anxious and shy.

Me: “I am sorry, madam, but I was running on autopilot.”

An old couple walks up to my checkout. They pick up a thirty-pack of soft drinks, which is easily double the weight of the lady’s bag, and put it onto the belt.

The lady goes quiet after seeing that and leaves, dragging the kid behind her.

Old Man: “Are you okay, love?”

It takes me a second after the lady leaves to realize I am shaking but I continue serving them.

Me: “Yes, I’m fine. Just so you are aware, your soft drinks can stay in the trolley.”

Old Woman: “We know; we just wanted to make that lady quiet. I feel bad for that poor child.”

My supervisor later told me that the lady complained and said I ignored her and was rude, etc., but the other couple had also returned at some point when I was on break and revealed what had happened.

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