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It’s Breast Not To Thigh Again

, , , , | Right | May 4, 2021

Customer: “What kind of chicken do you use for your fried chicken wings?”

Me: “I’m unsure of the brand, but I can check.”

Customer: “No, what part of the chicken is it?”

Me: “They are chicken wings.”

Customer: “I don’t think you understand my question. Is it chicken thigh or chicken breast?”

Me: “It is made with chicken wings.”

Customer: “Okay, you aren’t hearing me. Chicken is sold in different parts. What part are you selling?”

Me: “Chicken wings. The dish is fried chicken wings. Are you perhaps asking if they are boneless? They aren’t. They are actual bone-in wings.”

Customer: “I’m asking what type of chicken it is. You are making this way more difficult than it has to be.”

Me: “Here, our menu has a picture of the dish. These are the chicken wings available today.”

Customer: “How can I tell what kind of chicken it is if it is covered in brown crunchies?”

Me: “Brown… crunchies? These are certainly chicken wings. You can see the bone here.”

Customer: “All I want to know is what kind of chicken you are serving.”

Me: “Fried chicken wings!”

This went on for a long time. She didn’t even order the meal.

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