Fajita For The Conchita

, , , , | Working | March 7, 2019

It’s a late night and we’ve all just got off shift. My coworkers and I decide to go as a group to a fast-casual place nearby with late hours. It should be noted I am one of three females in the group. When we get there, I order the fajita platter.

After a wait, the server starts to bring out the food. Before he serves me, he puts about four small plates in front of me. When I ask him what they’re for, he stares at me and says, “So you can share the fajita platter.”

I reply that he’s misunderstood; the fajitas are just for me. My two male coworkers who are next to me ordered their own food. He looks at them and they reply, “Yes, we have our own food.”

The server looks at us funny, but he brings our food without any fuss. I eat my fajitas and everyone else eats their food. Apparently, because I am a woman surrounded by men, I am expected to share. Oddly, he didn’t do that to my other female coworkers, who were also sitting next to men.

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