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Gets The Principle Of Bullying

| Edo. de México, Mexico | Learning | October 15, 2013

(I am a very quiet and passive kid, which makes me a target of bullies. We have an event outside the classroom before physics class, and one of the kids is bothering me. The teacher comes out to announce that it is time to return to class.)

Teacher: “Go ahead kids; I’ll catch up in a moment.”

(We all go to the classroom and, since we already have assigned work, start to solve it. After a few minutes, the teacher comes to the classroom and starts doing rounds and checking the students’ work. He comes to my desk.)

Teacher: “What’s this? You haven’t done anything in this time?”

(I am confused, as I have been working.)

Me: “What? I—”

Teacher: “No, no, I won’t allow this. You’re coming with me to see the principal.”

(He guides me outside, with me completely scared and confused. We reach the principal’s office.)

Teacher: “This is him.”

Principal: “Thank you.” *to me* “Your teacher here just told me you were getting bullied. Can you tell me more?”

(It turns out that my teacher’s act was to get me to the principal without the bullies thinking I was going to tattle on them! To this day I still hold that teacher in very high regard.)

Doesn’t Get The Principle Of Bullying

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Taking The Joke The Whole Hog(warts)

, | Big Rapids, MI, USA | Learning | October 15, 2013

(I’m sitting in my college’s dining center, when a group of high school kids come up dressed up in a very casual dress/dining wear. The girls are wearing fancy dresses while the guys are wearing tuxedos. This takes place by the ice cream area.)

Girl In Purple Dress: “They’re out of bowls. How can they be out of bowls?”

(The group leaves to get cups instead. In the meantime, an employee comes up and restocks the bowls. Eventually, the group comes back.)

Girl In Purple Dress: “They were out of bowls, and there are bowls now; guys look: it’s magic!”

Me: *sarcastically* “I heard you say they were out of bowls, so I took out my wand and restocked them.”

Girl In Purple Dress: *serious voice* “You couldn’t have done that sooner?”

Me: “Sorry, I can’t do magic in front of muggles.”

Girl In Purple Dress: “Oh, okay.”

(The group gets their ice cream and walk off. The employee has been watching the whole exchange.)

Employee: “Did that really just happen?”

His Teaching Style Is Just Heavenly

| UT, USA | Learning | October 15, 2013

(My biology teacher moves to a new classroom directly above his old one.)

Student: “Isn’t this [Biology Teacher]’s class? Where did he go?”

(The current teacher points upstairs.)

Student: “He’s DEAD?!”

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Non-Cents-ical Service

| Learning | October 15, 2013

Facebook, Please

| Learning | October 15, 2013


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