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Coworkers Are Crazy-Makers

, , , , , , | Working | September 6, 2021

To put it mildly, my coworker is a selfish idiot who lacks basic self-awareness, which results in her looking like a massive hypocrite. Today, she is really on a roll.

Example #1:

Last summer, she bumped someone’s hours from forty hours a week to fifteen hours to nine hours during a global health crisis. Today, these words come out of her mouth in regards to an intern not minding taking the day off.

Coworker: “We cannot just tell him not to show up! He is depending on those hours!”

Eight hours versus two-hundred and fifty — seems fair.

Example #2:

[Coworker] will send me text messages two minutes before the meeting starts and then ask me if I saw the text message. Rather than just asking the question, she will derail the entire meeting to repeatedly ask if I saw her text message, despite me telling her no. One-hundred percent of the time, the question is something that can wait for after the meeting and is not a huge secret that no one else can know about.

Coworker: “[Instant Message Service] is a huge distraction. It is like text messages!”

So, you admit you do this to be a jerk?

Example #3:

[Coworker] has it in that insane little head of hers that, if I am in the office, then SHE is in the office. Therefore, I always need to be in the office. I have a doctor’s appointment and won’t be in until later.

Coworker: “Someone needs to be in the office at all times. It looks bad if we aren’t.”

This is the same woman who spent every Monday for six months claiming she was going to the dentist and then cancelling it each time after sending out mass texts announcing she was at the dentist and wouldn’t be available. God forbid I get my anxiety meds to deal with this woman.

She is the absolute worst.

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