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Bad Customers Should Expect Bad Service

, , , , , | Right | April 15, 2021

I am a cashier. I used to start crying when someone was mean to me; now I just say a little prayer in my head that their bags will rip on the way out. I have an extremely rude customer and I am biting my cheek in order to not snap at her.

She finishes paying and FINALLY pushes her cart up for me to put everything into the cart for her. However, I have a huge line, she has a lot of bags, and she’s pissing me off! So, I hand her her receipt and start ringing up the next person.

Customer: *Scoffs* “Aren’t you going to put my bags in my cart?!”

Me: *Pretending I misheard* “Hm? Oh, yeah, you can put your bags in the cart. It’s okay.”

And I continued helping the next customer. The best part is, I am known for mishearing things all the time, even with my coworkers and family, so no one told me off because they just assumed I misheard again.

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