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A Tourist Traveling To Terror Incognita

, , , , , | Right | February 15, 2011

(I’m working as the ticket tearer when two young kids come up and ask me a question.)

Kid #1: “Our parents were in a different movie. They said they would be out first, but they aren’t here. It’s been a long time.”

Me: “Okay, do you know what movie they saw?”

Kid #2: “It was the terrorists; they went to see the terrorists!”

Me: “Oh! The Tourist with Johnny Depp. That won’t get out for another ten minutes.”

Kid #1: “No, it was The Terrorist! They said there was bombs and gangsters so we had to see Tangled instead.”

Me: “Well, we don’t have that movie, so I’m sure it was the Tourist.”

(The kids walk away to wait. I overhear them.)

Kid #2: “What’s a tourist?”

Kid #1: “It must be the terrorists’ friends!”

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