Writing Off Their Handwriting

| Fort Collins, CO, USA | Learning | February 13, 2014

(I teach entomology, and I have a student walk up to me with a quiz.)

Student: “I think you marked my quiz wrong. Number five was coleoptera, but you marked it incorrect.”

(I look over the quiz. There’s no sign he changed the answer, but I had marked it wrong because I misread it as something else completely different. Upon closer inspection, I make out that it does say ‘coleoptera.’)

Me: “You’re right. I’ll give you that point.”

Student: “I’m sorry; my handwriting is like a drunk spider that fell in an inkpot and tried to walk on the page.”

(I laughed so hard I accidentally ripped his paper with the pen.)

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  • Siirenias

    Alas, so is my writing.