Doesn’t React Well With Others

| Philadelphia, PA, USA | Learning | February 12, 2014

(I’m in chemistry and our class has just been given a rare opportunity to work on a test in pairs as we only spent a few days on the unit. I, being shy and a bit of a misfit due to actually enjoying school, don’t find a partner. The only other person working on their own is an unfriendly girl.)

Teacher: “[My Name], do you want a partner?”

Me: “Well, I definitely wouldn’t mind, but it looks like no one wants to pair up so I’ll be fine.”

(The teacher notices that I’m looking a bit hurt at being excluded, but trying not to show it.)

Teacher: “[Unfriendly Girl], do you want to work with [My Name]?”

Unfriendly Girl: *snotty voice* “No.”

Me: *to the teacher* “Don’t worry. I know the material pretty well.”

(I start writing, obviously knowing the answers as I don’t pause once.)

Unfriendly Girl: *looks down at her test, confused, then hurries to join me*

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