Grama Drama

| PA, USA | Learning | February 14, 2014

(In English class, our teacher is asking us for some key topics from a short story we’d just read. As we name them, she writes them on the board for further discussion later. One of my classmates mentions vandalism. My teacher writes, ‘vandelism.’ I raise my hand.)

Teacher: “Yes?”

Me: “‘Vandalism’ is spelled with an ‘a’ not an ‘e.'”

Teacher: “I know.”

Me: “Oh. You put an ‘e’ just now.”

Teacher: “Yeah, I know.”

Me: “Well, why didn’t you fix it then? Others here might not know it’s wrong.”

(My teacher sneers at me and moves on to someone else, still failing to correct her spelling error. A few weeks later, my sister’s class, who has the same English teacher, is going over expectations for a peer review. The teacher writes on the board to ‘check for gramatical errors.’ My sister raises her hand.)

Teacher: “Yes?”

Sister: “Were you trying to build irony by spelling ‘grammatical’ wrong?”

(The teacher stops what she’s doing and turns to the class, addressing them in a nasty tone.)

Teacher: “Well. Since SOME of you think you’re smarter than the teacher, you can teach yourselves today!”

(She proceeded to sit at her desk for the entire period, refusing to answer any questions or really acknowledge any of the students.)

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  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    I’d hope that this ultimately came to the attention of the principal … that they’ve got a teacher who doesn’t know what she’s doing and refuses to acknowledge the possibility that she might be wrong.