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Whoever Drives Forward Pays It Forward

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My family and I go to a fast-food restaurant. The lanes are split in the drive-thru. Normally, whoever’s order is finished first drives forward. We finish first and start to drive up, and the car in the other lane moves up, as well. This causes an awkward position as the car in front of us and our car is three feet apart. We end up pulling back and letting the car go in front.

We make comments about their movements in the line. I admit that we shouldn’t have done that. We get up to the paying window and the cashier tells us that the car in front (the car that pulled in front of us before) paid for our order. We decide to pay for the people behind us as a chain of kindness. Afterward, we pull up to the car, tell them thank you, and leave.

We decided that it was God’s way of telling us to be humble and not run our mouths out of annoyance and ignorance.

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