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Wasn’t Banking On It Being The Internet

, , , | Right | April 26, 2021

I greet my first customers of the day. They have an appointment because they can’t log into their online banking account, as they’ve told me on the phone.

I check their IDs, make sure their account isn’t blocked because of fraud or anything like that, and give them a new start password. They then hand me their laptop. I connect it to our WLAN and go on our homepage.

Me: “Now it’s your turn. Please type in your username and the new password I’ve given you to log in. Then you can select a new one, which you must keep secret.”

Customer: *Stares at the homepage* “How did you do this?”

Me: “Do what?”

Customer: “You’ve connected us to the online banking! We didn’t get that far.”

Me: “Wait… that was your problem with the online banking? You couldn’t load the homepage?”

They nod.

Me: “Have you tried loading other websites, like Google?”

Customer: “Yes. Those didn’t come up, either. So how have you done this?”

Me: “I think the problem is with your WLAN at home, not with your online account. You need to check why it isn’t working.”

Customer: “But what is wrong with it?”

Me: “Sorry, but I really don’t know. I just connected you to our WLAN here. You would need to call your Internet provider for help.” 

Customer: *Getting angry* “But you need to help us! Why don’t you know how to fix this?”

Me: “Because I’m a banker and not an Internet provider? I really don’t know how to help you.”

Customer: “But why don’t you know?”

They refused to listen to what I was saying and got angrier and angrier. Finally, they left in a huff, saying they would never come back because I refused to help them.