This Caseworker Threw Away Their Shot To Pay Attention

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I am disabled, on benefits, and living in affordable housing. As a result, I have a caseworker. I am also transgender and have to give myself a hormone shot every week. I keep all of my shot supplies in a basket, but I don’t make any effort to conceal it because A, I have nothing to hide, and B, I practically never have anyone over.

Caseworker: “So, where do you go for your injections?”

Me: “Oh, I do them myself.”

Caseworker: “Okay, but, who prescribes it?”

Me: “Oh, it’s [Doctor].”

A few months later, my caseworker is in my home and points to my safe needle deposit box.

Caseworker: “Umm, [My Name], what is this?” 

Me: “Oh, that’s for my hormone injection needles.”

Caseworker: “You do that yourself?!

Me: “Uh… yeah? I told you that months ago.”

My girlfriend also once had a worried friend ask about my box, but they reassured her that we were most definitely NOT using intravenous drugs and it was for entirely medical reasons.

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