The Couponator 17: Attack Of The “Programmer”

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Our store has a loyalty program for customers, and when you sign up you receive some coupons to be used on your following purchases. They can’t be used the day you sign up; there is one coupon for each of the following three months. The customer needs to bring their coupon into the store to redeem it.

However, some customers forget their coupons, and while we have the ability to check their account and their purchase history, it’s frowned upon by management and it’s easier for everyone if they bring the coupon to the store.

I overhear this transaction between a woman and my coworker. 

Customer: “Oh, and I have a coupon to use today.”

Coworker: “Great. Do you have the coupon with you?”

Customer: “No, I left it at home.”

Coworker: “Oh, you really need to bring the coupon with you to the store. I’ll check your account to make sure you haven’t already used it. I’ll do it today, but in future, you’ll need to bring it with you.”

The customer sighs and crosses her arms. 

Customer: “Well, that’s ridiculous. What if I forget it next time? Does that mean I won’t be able to use it?!”

Coworker: “Well… yes. They need to be treated like any other coupon or gift card.”

The customer is getting increasingly more annoyed.

Customer: “That’s just stupid that I’m expected to bring them in. You should just log it all in my system. I work in programming so I know it’s possible!”

Coworker: “Just don’t forget it next time.”

Customer: “I think I’m going to write to your corporate about this. This system is ridiculous.”

Coworker: “Okay. Don’t forget your coupon next time!”

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Truck Drivers, We Feel For You, But It’s Not Their Fault, Either

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We work and live in a family-run pub and hotel. Due to the current lockdown and restrictions, we have had to close, as there is no way for us to operate safely and follow restrictions put in place.

All accommodation has been closed as well as most other tourism businesses. This happens about two weeks into the restrictions. We are having dinner and the phone rings. I answer the phone on instinct because I’m next to it when it rings.

Me: “Hello, how can I help you?”

Customer: “Can I book a room?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, we are currently closed due to restrictions.”

Customer: “But can I book a room?”

Me: “As I said, we are closed due to the restrictions and not operating the business.”

Customer: “So I can’t get a room?”

Me: “No, we are currently closed.”

Customer: “I’m a truck driver and I’m in town and need somewhere to stay.”

Me: “As I explained, we are closed due to the restrictions, and I believe so are the caravan park and other pubs, so I’m not sure where you can try.”

Customer: “Well, that’s just stupid.”

He then hung up rather abruptly. I get that it’s frustrating, but we didn’t choose to be closed; we had no option!

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Manners You Never Saw, Nor Will Ever See Again

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I am preparing to close for the evening when a customer arrives.

Me: “Hi there! How you goin’?”

The customer silently stares at me, holding out a $50 note.

Me: “Pump three, $15.60 change. Have a good one!”

I hand him the change and go back to counting the float. I don’t hear the door so I look up again. He is STILL mutely holding out his hand. I print out a receipt and hand it to him.

Customer: “Won’t be coming back here again. Horrible service.”

Me: “With all due respect, sir, I spoke to you three times. You have not spoken until that moment. And folks your age say that my generation has no manners. As well as that, you’re from over 1,000 kilometres away; I doubt I would see you again either way. You have a good night.”

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(I work as a receptionist in a building that contains several businesses. While the other businesses are clearly separate from my company people have to pass by my desk on their way in and out of the building.)

Me, to couple leaving from a different business: “Have a lovely day!”
The woman pauses at my desk and turns to me.
Woman: *Hiss* “He’s a liar. He’s lying.”
Me, gobsmacked: …
The man hurries her out the door as I stare.

Let’s Hope Stupidity Isn’t Contagious

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I work in a “gaming room” in a hotel — basically a small casino with only poker and slot machines. It’s the week before all non-essential businesses close due to the health crisis, and we are starting to put social distancing measures in place. The main one is putting every second poker machine out of order to force distance between people.  

I am told to do this just fifteen minutes before we open in the morning, so I rush around putting “reserved” signs on all the odd-numbered machines as we don’t currently have enough “out of order” signs to use. The signs clearly state that no one but the customer who put the sign on, or a staff member, can remove it to play the machine.

Me: “Should I force errors onto the machines, too? That way customers can’t play even if they ignore the rule and pull the sign off.”

Manager: “We’re about to open, so you won’t have enough time. It’s pretty clear what we are trying to do with the social distancing; I’m sure it’ll be fine like that until we can get enough ‘out of order’ signs printed.”

The very first customer of the day walks right up to our most popular lot of machines, takes a “reserved” sign off, and sits down to gamble, ignoring the two clearly available ones on either side.

I look wearily over to my manager.

Manager: *Sighing* “Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking. Go ahead.”

It took a while, but I went around and forced errors onto thirty-seven of our machines so they were unplayable. Despite that, we still had quite a few customers taking reserve signs off and asking us to “fix” the machines so they could play them. Gambling on your favourite machine is more important than avoiding getting sick, apparently!

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