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Customer: ” I need 2 packets of panadeine, 2 packets of panadeine with calmative and 2 packets of nurofen plus”

Pharmacist: “I am sorry sir but I cannot give that quantity out in one go. It is against the law”

Customer: “But the other pharmacy gives it to me all the time!”

Pharmacist: “well then they are breaking the law”

Customer: “Give it to me”

Pharmacist: “I’m sorry sir I can’t ”

Customer: “F*** you!!” *Storms out of pharmacy*

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I and my GF are at a hibachi restaurant. Usually when I eat out I don’= t order any beverages, but when I go to this place I splurge on a hot sake.= It is delivered in a sake bottle and glass, with enough to fill about 3 1/= 2 glasses. At the end of our meal, after drinking 3 glasses, I reach for th= e bottle and discover the waitress had already taken it away, along with my= final portion. Since this is an expense I rarely indulge in, we decide to = say something to the waitress. I’m hoping to get a small discount for = the small amount I was not able to enjoy, but instead she brings me a whole= new bottle. At that point I was a bit embarrassed, as I felt that was more= than I deserved, but since it was already poured I accepted it. I poured m= yself a new glass, and noticed a black speck flow in. I check the glass and= exclaim in surprise that it is a fruit fly! I fish it out, and since she i= s holding out her hand I place it on her finger. Upon seeing it she apologi= zes profusely, and I tell her not to worry about it. My GF and I get a good= laugh about it, I finish my sake, and on the way out the waitress apologiz= es again for the fly, which I assured her I was not upset about as it was n= ot her fault.

I ended up tipping 35%, enough extra to cover the bonus drink they didn&#03= 9;t need to serve me, so hopefully there’s no hard feelings.

Unable To Sound Your Complaint

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It is about an hour before a music festival starts. The festival is showcasing electronic music, and the musicians are all warming up and performing sound checks. An older woman comes up to where we are queueing.

Woman: “Excuse me, can you please tell them to turn the sound down?”

Security: “Sorry?”

Woman: “The bass is too loud. Can you please turn it down?”

Security: “Ma’am, I’m just working security.”

Woman: “Well, who do you report to? The sound is too loud!”

I try my hand at an explanation.

Me: “Ma’am, it’s a music festival. I don’t think you’ll have much luck.”

Woman: “I don’t care! It’s too bloody loud!”

I quickly — and wisely — give up, but she carries on. She storms over to the ticket office. I can’t hear the exchange, but next thing I know, she draws away from the window with a wireless bank card reader in her hand.

Woman: “You can have it back when you turn the noise down! It’s too loud!”

A man steps out of the ticket office.

Ticket Seller: “Ma’am—”

Woman: *Firmly but not loudly* “It’s too loud!”

Ticket Seller: “—if you’ll just hand me my property back—”

Woman: “It’s too loud!”

Ticket Seller: “Ma’am, I will call the cops—”

Woman: “Do it! Call them! They’ll turn the sound down! It’s too f****** loud! I am in [Public Place] and the bass is too loud!”

This festival is indeed in said public place, but it’s been known about and licensed for some months and publicised across the entire country.

Ticket Seller: “Ma’am, can you please—”

Woman: “It’s too loud!”

Ticket Seller: “Ma’am, I—”

Woman: “You can have this back when you turn the sound down! It’s too loud!”

The ticket seller makes a grab for the machine, but she pulls it out of his reach. He remains calm, as does the security guard.

Ticket Seller: “Ma’am—”

Woman: “It’s too loud! The bass is too loud!”

Fortunately, a policeman shows up in his car. The woman goes over, machine still in hand, and knocks on the policeman’s window. The ticket seller follows her. Again, I can’t hear this exchange, but shortly after, the policeman steps out of his car and walks around to the quarrelling pair. She keeps repeating her phrase, “It’s too loud!”, but the policeman eventually gets the card reader back to the ticket booth and leads the woman away.

Me: *To others in line* “Well. This could be an interesting day.”

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Baking And Math Don’t Care About Your Opinion

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My sister is making a cake, and I notice that there seems to be an awful lot of batter for the size of the pans.

Me: “I don’t think that’s going to fit.”

Sister: “I followed the recipe.”

Me: “Can I see?”

I skim the recipe and notice that it calls for twenty-three-centimetre pans.

Me: “Your pans are way too small.”

Sister: “No, I didn’t want the cake to be that big, so I cut the recipe in half.”

Me: “Okay, but your pans are still too small.”

Sister: “No, the recipe says twenty-three centimeters; these are about twelve. They’ll be fine.”

Me: “But they’re round pans.”

Sister: “So?”

Me: “So, the volume of a cylinder is pi R squared times the height. A cylinder with a radius that’s half as big will have a quarter of the volume.”

Sister: “That doesn’t make sense.”

Me: “Yes, it does. Look, five squared is twenty-five, right? And ten squared is a hundred. A pan that’s half the volume of a twenty-three-centimetre pan if it’s the same height would have a diameter of…” *does the math on my phone* “…about sixteen centimetres.”

Sister: “Well, that’s your opinion.”

Me: *Incredulous pause* “It is literally math.”

Sister: *Scoffing* “Whatever. It’ll be fine.”

Naturally, the pans overflowed in the oven and it made a huge mess. Baking is not a good place for people who are bad at math.

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(I am a 16 year old customer at this time, and my other mother had paid for a regular draft. also I’m paraphrasing as I’m posting this the day after)
Worker: [my name], I know you’re eating you pizza, but can you come over here please
Me: Okay (walks over there)
Worker: everyone here wants to play “Modern masters”, is that okay with you?
Me: What’s “Modern masters”?
Worker: I have no idea but we’ll find out together.
(a little while later)
Worker: [my name], can you please come over here again
Me: Okay (walks over there)
Worker: (to other customers) right, so you all want to play “Modern masters”. But [my name]’s mother only paid for a regular draft, so what are we going to do? (the worker and customers 1, 2, 3, and 4 talk for a few seconds). (to me) alright [my name] everyone here has agreed to chip in and pay the difference (a number I later worked out to be $6 each as the Worker also played)
Me: thanks
(these awesome customers reminded me what MtG it really all about, the community)