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These Precautions Are Nothing To Sneeze At

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My new member of staff is being rather rules-lawyer about the health rules put in place due to the health crisis. Mostly, though, he follows them.

Mostly. I have had several other members of staff complain that he is pulling his mask down to sneeze and not covering his face at all, just sneezing over the desk!

Then, I witnessed this myself. I go over and tell him that this isn’t acceptable.

Employee: “If I sneeze with a mask on, I can’t breathe and I’ll pass out.”

Me: “Even if that were true, you’re not even covering your mouth and nose at all, which is a huge biohazard.”

Employee: “I’ll pass out from lack of oxygen.” *Smug face*

I go away and return with a box of disposable masks and a colouring book and crayons I had in my bag for my nephew later.

Me: “Here’s the deal. My youngest nephew doesn’t understand masks or not sneezing on people. So if you say you don’t either, I’m going to assume you’re like him and send you home to go colour. Alternatively, if you do understand better than a four-year-old, here are some additional masks so you can replace ones you’ve sneezed in with a fresh one.”

He got very offended. But he did accept the box of masks and hasn’t sneezed on anyone since. He still glares at me, but I don’t care.

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