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Play Stupid Games… Get Your A** Kicked

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A group of friends and I decide we are going to go out and watch a movie. We have one friend that we have grown to dislike. He always gets drunk before we go out. We tell him he’s not allowed to get drunk before the movie. To try and enforce this, we decide to all meet at the theater. It doesn’t work; he drives drunk to the theater. We all tell him not to say a word to anyone or we are not hanging out with him again. I also take his keys and tell him I will take his car home after the movie ends. As we get in line to get our popcorn, he starts in on a woman in another line.

Drunk Friend: “HEY, D***, WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING?!”

Friend #1: “[Drunk Friend], shut up. Leave them alone or I will take you home now.”

We get our popcorn and get into our seats as the previews play. We then realize our friend is not in his seat. We wonder if he went to the restroom, but we figure he’s too much trouble to leave alone. [Friend #1] and I go looking for him while our other friends watch the movie. We can’t find him in the restroom or the lobby so we figure he’s in another theater. I notice one theater has a crowd of people there, so [Friend #1] and I go over. I’m allowed to go in alone while [Friend #1] has to wait by the door.

I look in and see [Drunk Friend] on the floor. Apparently, the woman he harassed earlier whooped him good. I shout to my friend as I walk back.

Me: “Yeah, it’s him!”

[Drunk Friend] was arrested. I still took his car to his home for him, but I haven’t spoken to him since.

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