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Paying It Forward Coming From Left-Field

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I’m working on the register at a clothing store.

Me: “Hi, how are you today?”

Lady #1: “Good! How are you?”

Me: “Doing all right. You find everything all right today?”

Lady #1: “Yes, I did.”

After I start to ring up her two items, she stops me.

Lady #1: “I am so sorry, I forgot my wallet in the car. Can I come back in once I get it? 

I am used to this, so I agree and suspend her transaction while she runs back out to her car with her children. I’m supposed to suspend the sale and call up the next customer to keep the line running, so I do this.

Me: “How are you doing today? Find everything all right?”

Lady #2: “I’m doing good thanks, and yes. Was the last lady returning these?”

She points to the two coats my previous customer left.

Me: “No, she is buying them but forgot her wallet.”

Lady #2: “Oh, okay.”

I continue to ring her up when she says:

Lady #2: “Can you add the coats onto my transaction?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Lady #2: “I want to pay for them for her.”

I’m a bit taken aback because this has never happened, but I do it for her and she’s on her way. Not a minute later, [Lady #1] comes back into line and I call her up.

Lady #1: “All right, I got it! How much?”

Me: “Actually, ma’am, the lady who was behind you in line before paid for the coats. They’re all yours.”

Lady #1: “Really? She did?”

Me: “Yes.” *Hands her the bag* “You have a great evening.”

Lady #1: “Thank you so much!”

This is the first time that’s happened, but [Lady #2]’s generosity stays in my mind. [Lady #1]’s smile was so amazing and brightened my night.

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