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17 Feel-Good Stories To Restore Your Faith In Humanity From January 2021!

, | Right | February 7, 2021

Dear readers,

It’s that time of the month again to remind us that Karma can also be a force for good and reestablish a little hope for humanity!

Rounded up below are seventeen inspirational stories from the month of January that spread a little joy around!


Thank You For Being A (Furry) Friend – I, too, prefer to walk home with a buddy.

The Stores Are Closed But Their Hearts Are Open – Stop for a cup of coffee and you might just have more than your stomach warmed.

The Gangster, The Pizza, And The Baby – Hits from the comments: “Could you guys not add so many onions to your pizzas? All those onions have made their way over here…”

This Story Goes From Zero To 200 – A positive review is such a nice change.

This Is A Treat For Everyone! – Just a tip: being extra nice is often its own reward.

Kindness In Bloom, Part 2 – Hits from the comments: “I see your clientele rose to the occasion!” (Check the comments on this one for more flowery puns!)

A Kind Streak – Stay in school… so you can afford to dye your hair any time you want!

They Rib You About It Every Few Years – This is what you get for being decent!

No Room For Memorizing Lyrics AND Scriptures – Meanwhile, some poor tech booth person was probably freaking out…

We All Nerd Out In Our Own Way – Fashion knows no season! Wait…

Pages Of Joy – This story made us want to run to our nearest library ASAP.

Taking “Sharing Is Caring” To Another Level – We’re not kidneying you; this story might make you cry.

Paying It Forward Coming From Left-Field – Maybe we’ve just been NAR-ing for too long, but we assumed this would have a much different ending.

Spreading Sunshine A Petal At A Time – This is the best kind of Drunk Girl.

Kindness Isn’t The Best Medicine But It Can Help You Buy It, Part 2 – Do good recklessly.

Spend The Extra Bawk And The Chickens Will Thank You – This author is egging people on to thoughtful purchasing.


We hope you liked our feel-good roundup! If you want even more feel-good stories, you can find some here!

Got your own story to restore faith in humanity? Share it here!

Stay safe, everyone!

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