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Obviously Hasn’t Checked Aisle Nine And Three Quarters

, , , | Right | June 1, 2021

I’m shopping at this odd little shop selling fun little oddities; it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but definitely not normal. Another customer comes in and proceeds to flit around the store quickly, stopping long enough to say, “Not weird,” moving on, and then, “Not weird,” again and again.

She’s saying this loudly to the whole store while the cashier stands by with wide eyes. She’s made her way through the whole store with this critique as we all watch and gets to the cash register, looks that cashier in the eye, and says:

Customer: “There’s nothing weird here!”

And she storms out of the place. Another customer near me leans in and whispers loudly:

Other Customer: “Well, there was at least one weird thing here.”

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