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11 Crazy Stories About Swimmers At The Pool Drowning In Their Own Stupidity

| Right | June 1, 2021

Dear readers,

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, hopefully, you’re beginning to feel the temperatures rising, the sun is out a little longer, and the pools are open again for a refreshing swim!

Sadly, some people out there seem to have trouble comprehending how pools work, or how… maybe… not to drown. They’ve become a regular occurrence in our stories that we decided to pool together (hehe… see what we did there?) some funny examples of swimmers at pools who are drowning in their own stupidity.


Dim Witted And Off The Deep End, Part 2 – What better way to prevent drowning?

Talentless Pool – I’ll bet he feels really stupid right now.

When In Doubt, Improvise – This one has clearly dealt with a lot of idiots.

Customers Should Stop Causing Ripples – Are you implying that you would… AUGH!

Stupidity Comes In Different Wavelengths – Do I look like a waterbender?

The Rule Deep-Ends On How Cute You Are – That sounds very much like a you problem.

Natural Selection At Work – It sounds like this person may be in worse shape than they appear.

Swimming With The Feces – Hits from the comments: “There’s a perfectly nice septic tank down the street you can swim in.”

Dim Witted And Off The Deep End – I have no idea how they could have been nicer.

Chroniton & Paste – Is your son a Time Lord?

‘Boiled Babies’ Tends To Screw Up Your Résumé – This is one of those times when you tell the customer, “I’ll get right on that,” and then don’t.


We hope you enjoyed this Swimming-Pool-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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