Not So Pretty In Drunk Pink

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I work as a bouncer and doorman at a local bar. It is a bar but not exactly a “party” kind of bar, so I am supposed to turn away anyone who turns up that is too drunk to behave.

A man approaches wearing a hot pink shirt and very tight white pants. He is staggering and slurring his words and very clearly drunk.

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t let you in.”


Me: “Because you are very clearly drunk. I can call you a cab but I won’t be letting you in in your current state.”

The man leaves in a cab. The next day, however, I am called in by my boss. When I arrive, the man is sitting there with my boss, and both look extremely angry.

Boss: “[My Name]. This man claims you kicked him out of the bar for being gay.”

Me: “Uh… First off, I had no idea he was gay, and I didn’t kick him out. I didn’t let him in because he was hammered.”

Man: “Shut up, you homophobe. Honestly, I can’t believe people still hire a**holes like you.”

Boss: “Wait, wait, wait. If you never even went in, and you were turned away at the door, how would he even know that you were gay?”

Man: “I mean, look at me; I am flaming! I had a hot pink shirt and everything; he obviously knew! Now, I demand you fire him!”

Boss: “So… you want me to fire an employee because he didn’t stereotype you?”

Man: “It’s not hard to spot a gay man; we have a pretty distinct style!”

Boss: “Okay, first off, I will not fire an employee for doing his job, and secondly, I’m gay and have never worn pink in my life, so you shouldn’t stereotype!”

After double-checking security footage, where we could clearly see the man fall over drunk, my boss banned the patron from the bar and apologized for calling me in on my day off.

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