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They Got Some Dirt On You

, , , , | Right | May 5, 2020

I’ve just started my shift and am checking in two women that look professional and clean. I’m wearing glasses.

Me: “ID, please.”

[Woman #1] hands me the dirtiest, most smudged driver’s license I’ve ever seen. I can barely tell that it’s a license. I squint and rub some of the dirt off, but it’s caked on. The women interrupt their own conversation to look at me.

Woman #1: *Knowingly* “Oho…”

Woman #2: “Someone needs glasses!”

I sigh and roll my eyes at their joke, handing the dirty ID back. They don’t see it; they’re back to their conversation again.

Me: “Credit card?”

[Woman #1] handed me an equally dirty credit card that had obviously been cut up and taped back together. Oblivious, she returned to her conversation. By some miracle, it only took a few tries for it to be read and accepted. I used lots of hand sanitizer after they left!

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