Not Very Good On The Parenting Scene

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(I’m at a fairly popular art store, looking for more paints, when I hear this conversation from behind a shelf:)

Mother: “Go put the paints on the counter and ask to put them on hold. It’s fine; people do it all the time.”

Teenager: “Mom, couldn’t you just hold two of them? I’m carrying everything, and you’re just holding your purse.”

(I slowly turn the corner and pretend to look at more paints while eyeing this mother, and this obviously uncomfortable teenager holding five tubes of paint and two bags.)

Mother: “Don’t use that attitude! I’m going to count to ten, and then if you haven’t put the paints on the counter, I’m going to make a scene, because you’re being ridiculous!”

Teenager: “Yeah, and you’re being childish.”

(The teen storms away to put the paints on the counter, and the cashier gives her a sympathetic glance, as the girl is very obviously shy. The mom sees me and whispers under her breath:)

Mother: “Can you believe teens these days? Always disrespectful and rude!”

(I just grimaced. What bad parenting. I feel bad for that kid.)

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