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Makes You Wish All The Rude People Would Just Fly Away

, , , , , , , | Working | December 29, 2022

Today is a windy day. A coworker and I are putting up flyers for a building event. We have quite a few in a small box, one for each elevator lobby, each exterior door, etc. I partially tape one flyer on the front door while my coworker and I chat idly, and as I go for the tape to complete the flyer, an employee from another office cuts in with a hasty, “Excuse me, sorry,” and throws the door open all the way to go outside.

The wind pushes into the lobby, ripping the flyer I have been putting up off the glass and sending the rest of them shooting out of the box across God’s creation.

The employee just trots away without addressing the chaos she has just unleashed because she didn’t want to wait a literal fraction of a second for me to put down the second piece of tape. It’s worth noting that only six feet to the right there is another set of doors.

Coworker: “I hate people.” 

Me: “Understandable.”

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