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Like Searching For Your Glasses When You’re Not Wearing Them

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My mother is the type that claims she needs a cup of coffee a day to function; however, she also has a mildly annoying habit of putting her cup down somewhere around the house and completely forgetting about it. Sometimes, she’ll remember it again hours later and go hunt it down. Other times, either I or my dad will stumble upon it and ask her about it. This particular event involves the latter. It is late afternoon on a weekend.

Mom: “[My Name], have you seen my coffee today?”

Me: “No? Not since you made it this morning, at least.”

Mom: “D***, I swear I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find it.”

There’s a pause as we look at each other.

Me: “Fine, I’ll help you look for it.”

Mom: “Thank you!”

We both spend a good chunk of time roaming around the house looking for her mug. My dad even joins in for a bit, but we have no luck finding it at all and my mom is completely bummed out.

Mom: “Well, this sucks! That mug was a gift from [Best Friend]. I really liked it.”

Dad: “At least we know it’s in the house somewhere.

Fast forward about an hour. I decide to warm up some leftovers for dinner. I open up the microwave, and I think you can guess what I find.

Me: *Yelling* “Mom! I found your stupid mug!”

Mom: “What? Where?!”

Me: “You left it in the microwave.”

Mom: “Oh.”

Turned out, she had already forgotten and remembered it once that morning. She’d gone to rewarm it but got sidetracked before she could even turn the microwave on. She, of course, promptly forgot about it again along with exactly where she had left it, leading us on a wild goose chase around the house for it. Every time I see her poking around the house for coffee now, I can’t help but tell her, “Don’t forget the microwave!”

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