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Legal Tender Fender Bender

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(A friend of mine is the customer in this story. He buys a car and has nothing but problems with the finance company. He gets so fed up that he goes to a credit union and gets a loan to pay off the finance company, but he asks for the loan proceeds in one-dollar bills. He then proceeds to unbind and crumple up every one of them, over three thousand, and put them into a black garbage bag. Then, he goes to the finance company.)

Friend: “I am here to pay off my car loan.”

Agent: “No problem; let me pull up your account. Okay, the payoff balance is [amount over $3000].”

Friend: “Here you go.” *hands [Agent] the black garbage bag*

Agent: “What’s this?”

Friend: “My payment.”

(The agent opens the bag and sees its stuffed full of one-dollar bills.)

Agent: “We can’t take this.”

Friend: “You have to take it; it is legal tender.”

(The agent calls over her manager, who tells her that they have to take it, as it is legal tender. They then ask for my friend’s help in counting it into stacks of 50. My friend purposely makes the stacks wrong, so they have to be done over and over. It takes a long time to have them count it all, but in the end it’s all there.)

Manager: “Okay, sir, here is your receipt. We hope you will do business with us again soon.”

Friend: “You have to say that, don’t you?”

Manager: “Yes, I do.” *walks away*