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The Cookie Monster Isn’t The Biggest Monster Here

, , , | Right | March 1, 2018

(I work in a restaurant that usually does parties for kids whose parents book in advance. We hire popular mascots, such as Mickey Mouse and The Cookie Monster. On this particular day, Cookie is doing the rounds, and we have this mother walk up to Cookie and me.)

Mother: “Excuse me, but my daughter would like the blue monster to deliver her meals.”

Me: “My apologies, but The Cookie Monster only delivers food to birthday children whose parents have booked in advance.”

Mother: “But we booked this table in advance! We paid more than them, so my daughter should get the monster, too.”

(It’s clear the kid is getting agitated at this point.)

Kid: “Mommy, I want the monster!”

Mother: “Don’t worry; you’ll get the monster.”

Me: “You won’t, unless you’re willing to pay the £35 extra birthday party fee and come back on another day when the monster isn’t fully booked.”

Mother: “I’m not coming back! I want the manager!”

Kid: *extremely stressed* “Mommy! Make him bring my food!”

(At this point the child kicked and slapped the monster, and the manager was called. The woman and child were escorted from the premises and banned from the restaurant.)

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