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Lazy, Lying, Or Loopy?

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My sister was switching phone service providers and was using an old phone of my mother’s. We were having trouble setting everything up, so my mother called the provider and, after a chat with tech support, she found out that the SIM card had expired. She ordered a new one and it came in a couple of days later, so we tried to set the phone up again. The website kept saying that the SIM card was invalid, prompting her to call the provider again.

Representative: “Hello, this is [Provider] customer support. My name is [Representative]. How may I help you?”

Mother: “Yes, I ordered a SIM card from y’all two days ago and it came in today. I tried to activate the phone, but I kept getting an error message.”

Representative: “All right, ma’am. Can I get your name, please?”

Mother: “[Mother].”

Representative: “All right, Ms. [Mother]. Can I get the SIM card number?”

Mother: “[SIM number].”

Representative: “And the phone’s IMEI number?”

Mother: “[IMEI number].”

Representative: “I’m getting an error message, as well.”

Mother: “Every time I tried to activate it, it said the card was invalid. But I just bought the SIM card from y’all two days ago. I just got it in. It’s a brand-new SIM card.”

Representative: “All right, I’ll try again.” *Pause* “No, still getting the error message.”

Mother: “That’s what I’m saying. I just got it through y’all.”

Representative: “I understand that, but I’m still getting the error. I’m not sure why it’s not working.”

Mother: *Annoyed* “That makes no sense, though. I just got the package in today. I ordered it through y’all. I was on the phone with y’all two days ago and ordered it because mine was expired.”

Representative: “What was the package number?”

Mother: *Really annoyed* “Why do you need the package number? Look, just transfer me to technical support, please.”

Representative: “I’m sorry, ma’am. We don’t have technical support. Just tell me the package number.”

Mother: *Moving toward infuriated* “What do you mean, there’s no technical support? You don’t need the package number; you need to transfer me to tech support. I was on the phone with y’all and was transferred to tech support two days ago.”

Representative: “We don’t have a tech—”

Mother: *Raising her voice* “Lady, either transfer me to tech support or transfer me to your supervisor. Please.”

Representative: “I don’t have a supervisor.”

Mother: “Don’t give me that; everyone has a supervisor.”

Representative: “I’m the highest person you can talk to.”

Mother: *Rapidly losing her temper* “Tech support or supervisor.”

Representative: “I don’t have a—”

My mother hangs up and takes a deep breath.

Mother: *To me* “Okay, I’m going to smoke. Then I’m going to call again in a bit.”

A major service provider somehow doesn’t have tech support — which we talked to two days ago — and out of everyone, we somehow managed to get connected to the “highest person you can talk to”.

What makes it better? My mother called the provider again, got the automated system, and successfully activated the SIM card and phone — which the “highest person you could talk to” couldn’t do.

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