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Just Put In A Coffee Vending Machine And Be Done With It

, , , , | Right | November 25, 2020

The name of my shop has one word in it which could also be used in the name of a café; let’s say it’s “Mug.” However, my shop is not a café, it does not look like a café, the window display is definitely retail, and there is no café equipment, no counter, no food, no menus, not even a table or chair. This happens way too often.

Customers: “Is this a café?”

Me: “Sorry, no.”

Customer #1: “Why not?!”

Customer #2: “Well, it should be!”

Customer #3: “Where I am supposed to get my coffee now?!”

Customer #4: “You have books, so you should be serving coffee.”

Customer #5: “Using that word is really misleading. You need to change your business name.”

Customer #6: “When are you going to put a café in?”

And [Customer #7], pushing past me to go up the stairs behind the counter:

Me: “Where are you going?”

Customer #7: “Upstairs.”

Me: “Why?”

Customer #7: “That’s where the café is!”

Me: “No, that’s where I live.”

Customer #7: “Are you sure?”

Me: “…”

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